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Minority kids with alcohol addicition - Research Paper Example

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Addiction from such an age will cause to cease their development as successful and competent human beings. Alcohol consumption has been noticed even…
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Minority kids with alcohol addicition
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Download file to see previous pages The problem has grown worse as the adolescent population too has been fascinated by the trend. Alcohol as a part of party or as a part of ‘growing up’, ends up being an addiction and the person becomes a nuisance to his loved ones as well as the society. What starts as an experiment of trying something new, at times ends up in severe addiction of alcohol. Addiction is the condition when the person feels adverse effects if not provided with the substance he is addicted to. Alcohol addiction is serious because alcohol is one of the most easily available drugs. Unlike other drugs like cocaine, alcohol is much more reachable. The youngsters, who fall below the legal age for alcohol consumption, find it easily accessible and not to forget that it is also available in the homes where adults drink it. In fact the first experiment of adolescents with alcohol begins at home only. It will also be discussed in the report how the advertisement of alcohol target the youth and how these advertisements are more common in the localities where the minority groups are found in excess.
My study aims to understand the causes of alcohol addiction among adolescents particularly among the minority group. These underage users of alcohol mostly become the main target of alcohol advertisements considering they are more prone to addiction to drugs. I am going to study the cultural influences on the kids that affect their behavior towards alcohol and the factors that lead to a sustained alcohol addiction. This study compares the findings from other studies and tries to come to a conclusion about the effect of kids belonging to a minority group and their habitual alcohol drinking.
According to a report by the Office of Applied Studies (2007), 8000 adolescents on an average, aged from 12 to 17, drank alcohol for the first time. This increase in consumption is a concern as alcohol addiction has usually been directly linked to the occasional consumption in the above mentioned age ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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