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DISCUSS the three main problems faced by your country today. SUGGEST and EVALUATE possible solutions - Coursework Example

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Malaysia, alike other developing countries, is going through extensive development and urbanization, and has turned to be a hub of opportunities for a better future. Although the country is considered as a secure nation to travel and to settle in nearly all respects, street…
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DISCUSS the three main problems faced by your country today. SUGGEST and EVALUATE possible solutions
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Extract of sample "DISCUSS the three main problems faced by your country today. SUGGEST and EVALUATE possible solutions"

Download file to see previous pages One of the reasons of high rise in crime rates is unemployment. Due to the current major global economic crisis, many locals have been left unemployed and many immigrants have been sent back to their home lands, while many have stayed back. Unemployment rate definitely goes high when the economy is unstable, resulting in no jobs and no money. Due to such conditions, out of frustration, people end up committing such crimes and thefts. Inflation is another major cause for the increasing crime rate. Inflation in Malaysia is now reaching peaks. Petrol prices are rising daily and so are prices of household items. This makes many Malaysian citizens suffer because their salaries cannot compensate their living expenses (Hock & Kesavapany 2006).
The best way of fighting street crime is by being alert of personal safety practices and precautions. Be conscious of a probable problem before it occurs is important. Remove the opportunities for the criminal to target you. Be alert of the atmosphere you are in at all times, stay away from strange areas and gloomy lanes. If you sense fearfulness in the surroundings, as you can go elsewhere as soon. Be attentive where there is heavy traffic or in a crowd, particularly in tourist vicinities. Try not to carry any personal items with you but if necessary do keep them but out of sight, especially when having a snack, do not leave your valuables like your cell phone, wallet or bag on the table or chair even if you think your attention is on it. In all crowded areas watch your handbag, wallet, camera, ornaments, watch, etc. Whilst driving, constantly keep the doors locked and never leave your personal belongings unattended when you get off the car. Purse snatching is a thievery that occurs at every single hour and usually amidst a large set of observers, even in high-end neighborhoods. Women on foot with kids are the most frequent targets. Victims ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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DISCUSS the Three Main Problems Faced by Your Country Today. SUGGEST Coursework.
“DISCUSS the Three Main Problems Faced by Your Country Today. SUGGEST Coursework”, n.d.
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