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System analysis and method designed (MIS class report) - Essay Example

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In this paper I will analyze the software development methodologies in terms of their strengths and weaknesses or how they are different with each other. This research will spotlight some of the…
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System analysis and method designed (MIS class report)
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Download file to see previous pages “In this method each step has definite opening and ending point, with particular deliveries to the subsequently phase” (Als and Greenidge). The image given below shows the details of this model.
This project requires less human resource for the overall development of the project. Here through this model we can develop the overall system with a small development team. Because this model works in a sequence and second phase can only be completed after the successful completion of the first phase (Sage, Andrew and & Palmer).
“The Waterfall model is the straightforward and extensively accepted/followed software development model, however like any other software development models; Waterfall model has also its disadvantages. Spiral Model for software development was developed with the purpose of conquering the disadvantages of the Waterfall Model” (Parekh). This software development methodology is composed of iterative nature of the prototyping and systematic aspects of the linear sequential model. This software development methodology provides potential for development of incremental version of the software. Through this software development methodology we can have series of incremental releases of the software system. Its early versions are designed to collect more and better requirements from the client (Pressman). The image given below shows the working of this model:
This software development methodology works in small increments and evaluates toward a big and comprehensive system implementation, so this software development methodology usually requires small project development team (Sommerville).
This type of software development methodology is usually implemented for the medium to large projects. Mainly this software development methodology is best for the system those are huge, complex, and all requirements are not available at the start of the project (Pressman).
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