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There was no kind of treatment given to them, and they were tied up at almost all times and shifted from place to place many times (Ode, 2006). The Iran Hostage issue was…
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Iran Hostage Crisis (American History)
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Iran Hostage Crisis (American History) Submitted by: XXXXX XXXX Number: XXXXXXX of XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX Subject Code: XXXXXX
Date of Submission: XX – XX – 2009
According to Ode’s diary, it is clear that the hostages were treated in a very rude and uncouth manner. There was no kind of treatment given to them, and they were tied up at almost all times and shifted from place to place many times (Ode, 2006). The Iran Hostage issue was developed when the Muslim student followers planned for a short hold on the embassy, which slowly changed due to the support it received and also the delay in terms of U.S President Jimmy Cater’s failure to deliver an ultimatum to Iran. The failure of the President to be strong and not act based completely on Humanitarian grounds lead the hostages to be kept in for a longer period.
The Iran Hostage situation left a huge impact on the country, both in terms of political as well as economical events. Firstly, it lead to a feeling of unity among all Americans, however the country was faced with an issue specially when the students became aware that the government forces did not intend to use arms and they took undue advantage of this an stayed in within the embassy in a hostage situation for longer than planned. Also in terms of economical terms the country was affected a great deal and this went on for a longer period even after the hostage situations (T&H, 2009). This was mainly due to the commitment made while the Americans were in hostage. The affects have been strong and the crisis was so serious that the White house did not light the Christmas tree for the year except for the top star.
T&H, 2009, ‘Foreign Affairs, November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981’, Accessed on 5th September 2009, Retrieved from
Ode, R., 2006, ‘Iran Hostages Diary / Robert C. Ode’, Accessed on 4th September 2009, Retrieved from Read More
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