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Performance enhancing drugs in sports (which ones athletes use and the benefits and possible side effects of using them) - Research Paper Example

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But they confront with certain barriers such as physical unfitness or poor financial background that prevent them from accomplishing their…
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Performance enhancing drugs in sports (which ones athletes use and the benefits and possible side effects of using them)
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Extract of sample "Performance enhancing drugs in sports (which ones athletes use and the benefits and possible side effects of using them)"

Download file to see previous pages Some of them accept athletes as roll models in their life. This is a competitive world and the competition is spread in almost all sectors. By all means, sport is an important part of the competence. For surviving and winning in the competence at the sports field athletes want to maintain and boost their performance more and more. For this reason they always seek the methods for enhancing their performance in competitions and consider drug as the suitable stimuli for achieving their aims. Athletes prefer different types of performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids. There are certain reasons behind the use of drugs by athletes. In the book, Drugs in sports, David R. Mottram reveals many important factors related to the use of drugs in sports. In this book he denominates four reasons for the use of drugs in sports. They are listed below.
Performance maintenance: - As part of the treatments which occurs at the time of their practicing or some other situation they forced to take treatments. At this time the medicines they took for the sports injuries many include drugs.
From the above mentioned four points it is clear that athletes use drugs for improving their performance. Some of the important factors regarding the performance enhancing drugs in sports are discussed below.
Almost all kinds of drugs preferred by the athletes contain substances which help the improvement of their athletic performance. It is not a new phenomenon; in the historical period itself athletes prefer drugs for their performance enrichment. It is not limited to one or two types. The most commonly preferred drug types are steroids and amphetamines and health supplements. First two types come under controlled substances, that is its production and distribution are controlled by the legal authority. One of the major reasons for this strict controlling is its high possibility of abuse especially by the athletes and trainers. Health supplements are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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