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Assignment ONE: Report of International Business - Essay Example

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This represents a significant volume of challenges to the consultancy business, in terms of working with different political, cultural, and…
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Assignment ONE: Report of International Business
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Download file to see previous pages One expert in international business proposes what the author calls the four Ps of corporate political activity. First, it is proposed that the business which is opening in a new, international environment should consider how the political issues actually arise in order to determine the best method of dealing with these issues1. The new consultancy office will face no significant issues in terms of political activity in this region. This is supported by the notion that today’s more liberal Chinese leadership does not attempt to restrict foreign business leaders from entering the Chinese marketplace, rather this political leadership attempts to build relationships with incoming foreign businesses in order to enhance the country’s economic conditions2. What is suggested is that the political landscape is much more Westernised in which regulatory entities in China understand the added value of foreign businesses, especially those which do not import products, to assisting the national economy from a business perspective.
Research evidence did not uncover any unusual or notable political aspects which would hinder business, especially a service-oriented consultancy business, in any measurable way. Since the consultancy firm will not be exposed to tariff restrictions, since there are no products being imported, it is expected to enter a market environment which promotes foreign business success and values partnerships.
In terms of economic issues which might face this consultancy business, the Chinese environment, today, maintains a strong focus on greener business principles3. This appears to affect virtually every sector of business in all different types of industries. Research did not uncover any government-sponsored programmes which offers taxation breaks to companies who maintain a green focus on the environment. Therefore, one aspect which must be considered is the notion that any government-induced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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