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The effect of using Treadmill on patients with cardiovascular diseases - Research Proposal Example

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Today we are living in an era where the life has become really very fast. This has resulted in very little time at the disposal of a working professional to take of the health requirements. Quite often, we come across circumstances, where we end up distorting our food habits and inviting too much stress on our heart and brain…
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The effect of using Treadmill on patients with cardiovascular diseases
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Extract of sample "The effect of using Treadmill on patients with cardiovascular diseases"

Download file to see previous pages Blood is carried back and forth through the capillaries, veins and arteries, from the heart to the lungs, known as (pulmonary circulation) and from the heart to the rest of the body (systemic circulation). World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations body on health has recently come out with the findings that heart disease is the number one killer disease all over the globe, followed by infectious diseases and cancer. The findings of a detailed study on the subject indicate that cardiovascular diseases claim about 29 percent of lives each year1. Once cardiovascular disease grips the individual, a number of precautions are advised for improving the diet schedule, exercises etc. Treadmill is one such option, which helps in performing the exercises of running and walking. While working out with a treadmill, it is often noticed that the heartbeat of the individual goes up with brisk walking or running.
Under normal circumstances, such a machine helps in walking or running, even when the individual is not able to go out owing to the busy schedule or a rainy day. But, in case the individual is suffering from cardiovascular disease, then he or she might like to know as to how safe it is to do the work outs on a treadmill. Doctors often come out with the recommendation that regular aerobic exercise can lower the blood pressure and help in controlling the weight. But in general it is easier said than done. Maintaining the regularity and discipline often becomes a big casualty in the way we end up spending our time.

Objectives of the Study
This study is primarily being undertaken to study the different aspects of cardiovascular diseases in general and what type of precautions need be taken particularly while doing work outs with a treadmill. The study will try to seek answers to the following key objectives;
i. Analysing the rising number of heart ailment cases around the world
ii. Analysing the different aspects of cardiovascular diseases and the early signals.
iii. Analysing some of the practical difficulties being faced by the person suffering from cardiovascular disease
iv. Studying some of the physical fitness exercises being endorsed by the doctors for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases
v. Studying the effect of treadmill in particular on persons suffering from heart ailments
vi. Finding out how best an individual can use the treadmill in such a manner that instead of becoming a health risk, it becomes a tool for healthy living

Research Methodology
Research approaches and methods radically influence research content and, consequently, the policies designed in response to that content. Research philosophy is a belief about the way in which data about a phenomenon should be gathered, analyzed and used. This dissertation is a qualitative case study which focuses on an analysis of the cardiovascular diseases in general and studying the impact of using a treadmill for health reasons. To carry out such a study in general we resort to two main approaches;
Deductive reasoning, which works from the more general to the more specific subjects. Sometimes this is informally called a "top-down" approach. In such approach we take up the 'theory' and then try to apply it to the hypotheses that we intend to test. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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