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Identifying strategies used by new international markets, or figuring out which countries are best to correspond with on the professional and business level is difficult. Many Western countries do not consider all of the aspects that affect new international markets and the various countries at hand, and decide to proceed with their own knowledge without doing any other outside research…
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Business College Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, in order to understand these markets, it is important for the western country to comprehend these differences from country to country by using the five contexts of framework. The five contexts include a country's social and political arrangements, openness, product, labor, and capital markets. Business executives can form their strategies around this by asking questions that relate to the five contexts, and thus begin to develop upon the country's individual strengths. While doing this, it is also important for the business to measure the positives and negatives of forming a relationship with this country. If they discover that the negatives outweigh the positives, other aspects may need to be considered.
It is a good idea to link social performance targets to executive competition, in the researcher's opinion. Social performance targets give the company an overall goal and focus when entering into any new business strategy or plan, and therefore help to give the company a stronger approach to accomplishment. Competition, and certainly executive competition, is always a good way to trigger the best and brightest ideas. By allowing executive competition, hopefully the best ideas and goals will come into play in the atmosphere of the business. With this occurring, the business could then link social performance targets to executive competition, seeing which goals are the best, and figuring out the direction the company would need to take in order to proceed and reach the best possible goals. Thus, competition should put forth several good options, and the social performance target can then be chosen and used to provide solid direction.
Question 2.
a. Companies have used centralized Organizational Structures. However, the current organizational trends are to change then into lean, flatter decentralized structures. Describe briefly some of these changes taking place in the organizations.

Decentralization removes the focus of power, or shifts the focus of power, from few individuals to more individuals. The concept allows for power to be spread out more equally in the business, thus allowing individuals to all have a part of company decision making. Decentralization still relies on authority for decision making, but it also must rely on lateral relationships rather than a direct order from above. More and more companies are chosing to use decentralization because it brings many minds into the framework. With several people in the decision making strategy, the hope is that many ideas will come to light, and that way, the best of these ideas can be chosen and acted upon. Therefore, these industries are seeking what is best for the business. Many of these companies are therefore spreading out power as well as the decision making process instead of putting all of the power in the hands of a few individuals. While this process may make decision making take longer, the hope is that for the company, it will provide the best possible answers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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