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Predictiveness and the Level of Processing - Research Paper Example

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The level of processing is done in the brain and memory is responsible for the same, this is very certain that Predictiveness effects the level of processing but it is not clear in which way does it affect the level of processing. This paper with the help of many examples will present a clear case on how Predictiveness affects the level of processing.
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Predictiveness and the Level of Processing
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Extract of sample "Predictiveness and the Level of Processing"

Download file to see previous pages M, 27 September 2008). Memory does a very important job which is to remember and the same has some vital subdivisions such as attention, encoding, rehearsal and retrieval. It is believed that the durability of the memory depends on the functions of the depth of processing. Going by this statement it is believed that the deeper the functions of various processes which go on in human mind, sharper the memory. "Older adults typically experience two main types of difficulty with their memory; the first is memory for names, and the second is memory for details of occurrences. The difficulty with names sometimes generalizes to infrequently used words and to names of objects, but is most evident in names of people. The second difficulty shows itself in forgetting where a possession was left, in the source of newly acquired information, and in ''telling the same tale (at least!) twice'' (Koriat, Ben-Zur, &Sheffer, 1988).
It is extremely important to know about the process of remembering because it is closely related to Predictiveness. In this regards the above information is very handy. "While information-processing models of human memory have been concerned largely with structural aspects of the system, there is a growing tendency for theorists to focus, rather, on the processes involved in learning and remembering." (Craik, Fergus I. M, 27 September 2008). So there is importance given to the process involved in learning and remembering these days, Predictiveness and the process of remembering go hand in hand, the rest of the paper will explain the same with the help of apt examples.
An experiment will clear all the doubts related to this topic and the result of the experiment will provide an in-depth analysis on how Predictiveness effects the level of Processing. There are 132 students who are participating in an experiment to determine how Predictiveness affects the level of Processing. Of these 132 students no of female students are 82 with the mean age of 19.8, so the mean age goes to show that the experiment is conducted on young students to get the exact results. The experiment showed a Power-point presentation to the students, the presentation consisted of 40 sentences of which 20 were composed of Predictive sentences and the other 20 were Non- predictive sentences. These 40 sentences shown to the students did not have the last word, in other words the last word each sentence was intentionally left blank. The organizers of the experiment probed the students to think of the missing word. After sometime all the forty sentences were shown with the last word for 2 seconds each. After the experiment the students were asked to take a recognition test and the test consisted of 80 different items. Of these 80 items 20 were Predictive were and 20 were Non- predictive words, the rest 40 were fillers, these fillers were included to get to know the result better. The result of this experiment is on the next page and the ambiguities regarding this topic will be settled after looking at the results.
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