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I have applied to pursue a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology because of several reasons. First of all, I have personal interest in the field and want to be adequately trained and certified. My level of interest is of such that I have volunteered at a local school to work with children with speech disorders…
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Personal statement on going to graduate school for speech pathology
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Personal ment on going to Graduate School for Speech Pathology I have applied to pursue a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology because of several reasons. First of all, I have personal interest in the field and want to be adequately trained and certified. My level of interest is of such that I have volunteered at a local school to work with children with speech disorders. This is helping to give me a first hand knowledge of what the field entails. I get the chance to interact with several stakeholders in this area, such as children, parents, medical personnel, social workers, volunteers, and persons in training in the profession. I am fascinated and want to become a professional.
I am confident that as a person I am suitable for admission to the program since, in addition to the interest and motivation, I am highly dedicated, patient, and love to work with children in every way. It is also as a result of this tremendous love for children and for working with them, that I have been exposed to the levels of speech disorders with which many of them are challenged and the need to be appropriately trained and certified in order to effectively assist them and persons associated with them, and to address their needs.
I am aware of the fact that the field is not a superficial one as the issues to be addressed are profound and varied, ranging from the sociological, to the biological and economic, if not political, to name a few. However, I am capable of successfully pursuing graduate studies in this area because I have successfully completed undergraduate studies with a GPA of 3.0, and I have scored 700 on my GRE.
Besides, I know that studying at the Masters level requires a lot of research, independent work, and a higher level of thinking and analysis. The student at this level must be self-directed, and I know that I possess such capabilities. I am also emotionally mature and stable enough to handle the workload that is required and also operate under the stressfulness that is normally associated with studying at this level, and more so in a profession as intricate as Speech Pathology.
As an adult learner, I know that I have my goals clearly highlighted, and will therefore pose no unnecessary challenge to my facilitators. I am convinced that my studies will be worthwhile since upon completing this degree, I intend to utilize the knowledge and skills to reach out to as many persons as possible. I plan to volunteer my services as well as to use it as a means of earning a living. As a result, I would like to work in a school system where there are children who have speech disorders. That is, once these children are identified and pulled from the mainstream, I would like to work with them with the main aim being to rehabilitate them as best as possible, so that they may lead normal, successful, and meaningful lives.
Another reason for my applying for admission for the Degree is that I see myself continuing in the field and so this degree is just another stage in my studies. Being accepted in the program would therefore facilitate my progress and professional development in the future, and this would be highly appreciated. This may just be my opportunity to discover or create something new in this field which could solve just about all, if not all of the problems faced there. Read More
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