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American Economy - Term Paper Example

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How often do we see superpowers and other developed economies put pressure on weaker countries to comply with what they think is right. They do not give any thought or consideration to the fact whether what they think is right in their culture may not be so worthwhile in other culture…
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American Economy
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Extract of sample "American Economy"

How often do we see superpowers and other developed economies put pressure on weaker countries to comply with what they think is right. They do not give any thought or consideration to the fact whether what they think is right in their culture may not be so worthwhile in other culture. As different cultures have different ideology and have different customs and traditions therefore it is not very appropriate to impose different injunctions upon these cultures thinking that what they think is right is also right others. There is no such thing as universal right; therefore we are going to determine whether such adopted behavior by the USA and other developed economies is right or wrong.
There are various ethical frameworks promulgated over the year. These different frameworks can be used as tools to determine which action is right and which is wrong. There are various ethical frameworks and models such as Unitarianism, Justice and Deontology.
Utilitarianism framework ask that those actions are considered as right which render more good to the society, and benefits accrued from them are higher than cost of those actions. Many laws and restrictions imposed by the USA and other super powers are for their own benefits. The benefit is directly accrued to them, whereas the costs have to be borne by the entire society. This means that their actions cannot be justified and are ethically wrong. For example, the current ongoing war on terrorism is one example. The USA started the war after it became a victim of terrorism. It waged war against Afghanistan first, and then went out on hunt in Iraq. However, these actions yielded nothing. Osama was not to be found and he wasn't. However, the war on terrorism killed thousands of innocent people, destroyed millions of dollars worth of infrastructure and started the stream of terrorist attacks all around the world. It can be safely concluded that this war did more damage and was futile. Hence, the actions taken by super powers are more often than not ethically wrong action. You cannot just impose what you think is right on other. Even if these actions are beneficial for super powers, they are very often too bad for the other countries and world at large. Hence, Utilitarian framework can be used as a tool to check the actions taken by these countries.
Another ethical framework is deontological framework. This framework says that only those actions are right which are planned out with good intentions in mind. For example, if you plan to do something good, then regardless of the good or bad outcome, these actions are ethically right. So, if the USA and other super powers plan their actions having good intentions in the mind, then such actions can be ethically justified, however, if these actions are aimed at the good of themselves, and no consideration is given to the good or bad of the other weaker country, then these actions are ethically wrong and should not take place. Read More
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American Economy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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