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Introduction to Quality Assurance - Essay Example

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Risk management is the most important process a company should develop during the course of its existence. Just like contingency planning in organizations, risk management goes along the same lines. The only difference is that where contingency planning is there to control things after they have happened, risk management is there to prevent things from happening in the first place.
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Introduction to Quality Assurance
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Download file to see previous pages Improvements in the patient satisfaction by increasing quality of care, will in itself lead towards reduction of risk. The basic steps in the design of the risk management strategy for the hospital are as follows:
Being a military hospital, the biggest risk it faces are times of war. This is an area where it should be prepared in. The hospital has a good history of being able to perform in war times. They are so confident on their abilities that a whole section has been dedicated on the website to this issue in fact.
Other than this, the hospital mainly focuses on patient satisfaction and increasing the quality of services that they presently are offering to existing patients. This is particularly true for newly registered patients who need to be retained.
The risk management process heavily relies on the total quality management department of the hospital. The major responsibility is on the head of the Command Risk Manager who needs to make sure that the risk management process is up to date and has not missed out on anything. He has to ensure that any new developments in the hospital are incorporated into this plan. This also includes that these practices should be in accordance with the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) rules and guidelines.
Review and Evaluation of Plan
When the planning stage has been developed, the time comes for the actual actions to be derived out of the planning. In this case the Naval Hospital hopes to make sure that losses will be able to be minimized and harm will also be prevented to the maximum extent. This is particularly important since the place exists for this very purpose only. This also means that the staff and the facility will be saved from any blame for any unforeseen accidents or mishaps.
The benchmark that I am going to compare this Hospital to is the Naval Medical Center San Diego. The main reason for selecting this benchmark is that comparison between two same sort of things eliminates any discrepancies and confusion which might arise in the minds of readers. Now, being a bigger and more prosperous facility, the San Diego Naval Medical Center immediately has an advantage. It will get more customers than the Naval Hospital Guam. The biggest difference is that the Naval Medical Center San Diego is a "Center" while the Naval Hospital Guam is just a "Hospital". This means that the Naval Medical Center San Diego has to provide much more to its patients in forms of services and quality than the Guam Facility. So, all planning done by the Naval Medical Center San Diego is more thorough and covers a much more wide area to lower costs and provide a better overall understanding by the staff by reducing their confusion of the management practices. This makes the risk management program of Naval Medical Center San Diego a bit blurred compared to the Guam Hospital, as they can fine tune it without much changes and confusion, giving it the needed edge.
There are not many things wrong with it actually. This plan is developed keeping many things in mind by the administration like lowering costs and so on. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction to Quality Assurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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