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Chemistry Tasks - Scholarship Essay Example

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1. The strength of the acid depends on the Ka values of the acid. Acids with more stable conjugate bases have higher strength. So the order of the acidic strength would be H2SO4 > HClO3 > HClO2 > H2S > H2O
4. The value of the equilibrium constant is only dependent on the temperature of the reaction…
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Chemistry Tasks
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Extract of sample "Chemistry Tasks"

Download file to see previous pages 6. A conjugate acid base pair are the compounds formed by the removal or addition of a proton from the original compound. In the question, only H3O+ and OH- are not a conjugate acid base pair as there is a difference of 2 protons.
9. The aqueous solution of a salt would be acidic if the salt consists of the conjugate base of a strong acid and conjugate acid of a weak base. Therefore the aqueous solution of NH4F would result in a acidic solution.
12. The aqueous solution of a salt would be basic if the salt consists of the conjugate base of a weak acid and conjugate acid of a strong base. Therefore the aqueous solution of NaCH3CO2 would result in a basic solution as NaOH is a strong base and CH3COOH is a weak acid.
13. Arrhenius base is the substance that when added to water increases the concentration of OH- ions present in the solution. NH3 when added to water does not increase the concentration of OH- ions therefore it is not an Arrhenius base.
14. Arrhenius acid is the substance that when added to water increases the concentration of H+ ions present in the solution. Addition of FeCl3 to water would not increase the concentration of H+ ions in the solution, so it is not a Arrhenius acid.
From this it is clear that the reaction moves in the forward direction, which means that HNO2 gets converted to NO2- and CH3COO- gets converted to CH3COOH. Therefore it is clear that CH3COOH is a weaker acid compared to HNO2. So for this reaction CH3COOH is the weakest acid.
17. We know that pH = -log[H+] therefore if the pH increases by 1. The H+ concentration would decrease exponentially by a factor of 10.
18. Molecular weight of Ba(OH)2 is 171.34 g/mole. Therefore the moles of Ba(OH)2 added would be (5/171.34) = 0.029 moles. Each mole of Ba(OH)2 would dissociate to give 2 moles of OH- ions. So, we have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chemistry Tasks Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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