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Everyone has a dream or ambition to become something when he or she grows up. Some people find their future in idealistic personalities. Heroes of all types unleash our ambitions to achieve prospects in the future. Inspiration and motivation develops ones career and shapes up his future in the form of a profession…
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Statement of Goals
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Everyone has a dream or ambition to become something when he or she grows up. Some people find their future in idealistic personalities. Heroes of all types unleash our ambitions to achieve prospects in the future. Inspiration and motivation develops ones career and shapes up his future in the form of a profession. In the same way I also have some goals and ambitions that I seek as my profession and career. From my childhood the law enforcers inspired me, as they were true heroes for me. Saving a country from criminals and punishing them was of great interest to me. Through this was I determined how my professional career would shape up. I have ample experience in this field that might be helpful for our future generations hence I decided to join assistantship with a master's degree teacher. Currently I am doing my Masters Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. This will surely help me in achieving my goal that is of an assistantship with a teacher relevant to my field. This position is related to my personal goal that comes from my inspiration of eradicating crime from our country, which can only be done by professionally involving myself to Law. I therefore see myself correctly and effectively trying to achieve an assistantship in the courses related to Law enforcements and justice management and pass on my personal experience and knowledge to the young generation. The drive or decision to do this comes from my personal thinking, that is I am an integral part of the society and its my responsibility to save guard the interest of every person who is a part of this society. The natural interest in this field helps me in thinking broadly about the related topics and trying out effective and efficient techniques to master the subject. My relevant experience in the field makes this job even more suitable for me as I think only theoretical study can not help in getting to the core of any subject a practical experience is required in a subject that is so important for people. In this regard I took part in two internships in the summer of 2007. The first one being in Cook County Sheriff's Office where I observed and worked together with different officers of different departments and also became the part of undercover operations. The second one being at the Mattson Police Department where I accompanied officers on patrols and responded to several emergency calls. Both the internships were really useful for me and I learned a great deal during this time. Specially patrolling with the officers and writing tickets gave the real insight of law enforcement to me and brought into my knowledge tiny aspects that are easily ignored while studying the subject theoretically. I expect the graduate degree program to be a major success and will help me learn many new things that I have yet to explore regarding the subject and its technicalities.
John Douglas. John Douglas's Guide to Landing a Career in Law Enforcement. McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (September 20, 2004). Read More
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Statement of Goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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