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Broke back Mountain and Titanic - Movie Review Example

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This movie won an Academy Award in the Year 2005 for its beautiful portrayal of the problems faced by people with gay orientation during the 1960's in the American West.The movie was directed by Ang Lee and starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhal as its main characters…
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Broke back Mountain and Titanic
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Download file to see previous pages "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. But you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved. I don't even have a picture of him. He exists now only in my memory."
Being one of the highest grossing romantic dramas of all time both movies sparked a lot of controversy yet people took the time to watch them at least out of curiosity for the way they were marketed.
For Broke back Mountain the media critics could not agree whether its lead characters were actually Gay bisexual, heterosexual,because the movie was marketed as a "Gay Cowboy Movie.The movie involves the love affair between two cowboys who meet one summer on the same job at Brokeback Mountain and slowly their companionship turns into a sexual and emotional romantic saga .Like all great love stories the protagonists are separated by changing circumstances.However this separation is not as dramatic as Titanic which hinges on a tragedy.Titanic and Brokeback mountain have been rumoured to have similar posters,i.e. in the positive of "star crossed" lovers.However Brokeback mountain was a comparatively low budget movie and spoke of the reality.It was the silent sigh of many bisexual/Gay persons in the 1960's or even later who had not yet earned the social or legal freedom to live together as partners and the movie shows how they try to make their love survive by hiding it from social norms.Titanic was the story of two heterosexual lovers whose love blossoms in secret during their voyage on Titanic.They face a lot of social opposition and ultimately when disaster strikes the hero dies a tragic death leaving the heroine in shock as she decides that her "heart will go on"(the theme of the popular Celine Dion song).Both movies contain powerful symbols of love.In Titanic's case it is the necklace "Heart of the Ocean" and the nude picture of Kate Winslet which Leonardo De Caprio sketches as a symbol of his love.In Brokeback Mountain it is the bloodied shirts of both lovers which have been tainted after their lovers spat which ends up in them both getting injured badly.Heath discovers their existence in the end after the heart rending death of Jake Gyllenhal ,when he goes to meet his parents.
Both these movies are great as they show that love knows no boundaries of race or gender , but sometimes cannot survive societal disapproval.Both are portrayals of tragedies in a time when people were judged by their wealth and social status.Gay couples were unheard of and people rarely married out of their economic classes.The characters in these movies brave all these circumstances and still lose their soul mates to fate.Both movies leave the audience very emotionally charged and thoughtful.


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