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Fire Fighting - Essay Example

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Fire fighting is the art of putting out destructive fires. The purpose of fire fighting is to rescue lives and prevent the destruction of property and the surrounding environment. Fire fighting has over the years developed from simple extinguishing of fires to a more complex process that involve emergency medication hence it requires proper training and relevant education for one to become proficient.
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Fire Fighting Essay
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"Fire Fighting"

Download file to see previous pages Water has the ability to absorb a lot of heat from the fire converting it to steam. Without the heat, the fuel cannot combine with oxygen to keep on burning. The second way of extinguishing fires by use of water is by smothering the fire. Water is heated to boiling point by the heat in the fires and when this happens, it's converted to steam or vapor. Vapor dilutes oxygen in the air and the reduced oxygen cannot support fires. Form can effectively achieve this status and it's usually added to water during fire extinguishing process (Madrzykowski & Kerber 2009).
A third way to put out fires is the removal of fuel from the fires. This is basically achieved by curbing the flow of the fuel responsible for fires like gases of liquids. Otherwise the fire can be allowed to deplete the fuel by itself then it is put off by itself. The fourth way to achieve extinguishment is by inhibiting the chemical changes that take place. This can be achieved by use of halogenated chemicals and other dry chemicals which inhibit the process of combustion and stop flaming (Thomson 2004).
Strategic ventilation is very important in the process of fire fighting and this may need to be carried out at any time in the strategic hierarchy depending on the prevailing situation. In many occasions, fire fighters have overlooked the significance of ventilation (Bernard 2007). Generally this disregard is common among the fire fighting companies that do not have ladders.
Smoke is a major hazard in the event of a fire outbreak as it carries poisonous gases with it carries heat and obstructs vision as well. Ventilation is a strategy that is used to put out the fires and reduce smoke (Bernard 2007). Paul Grimwood was the man behind the introduction of tactical ventilation in management of fires to put a well organized and smart way to fight fires. Strategic ventilation has since then been adopted by the United Kingdom fire fighters. Strategic ventilation is actually the process of venting or containing fires so that the fire fighters have control over it and interior fire fighting operations can be achieved effectively (Madrzykowski & Kerber 2009).
Ventilations help to provide safety to people's lives, property conservation, and assists in fire extinguishment. The first thing that ventilation does is to pull the fire away from areas that cannot be accessed or where people could be trapped. It can also reduce the spread of fire by directing it to open areas where fire fighter can effectively attack it and reduce smoke and other hazards like chocking, heat and wasting water.
Tactical Ventilation in UK and US
The fire fighters in the UK have always carried out the Positive pressure ventilation techniques when faced with fires. PPV is the use of a fan to direct fires to parts of the building by creating areas of excess pressure enabling heat and smoke to be pooled away, the fire fighters can then secure the safer areas and rescue people. The exit for the smoke is very necessary hence clear understanding of the building is very necessary (Thomson 2004). The doors should remain open or propped. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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