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Condense position papers - Essay Example

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I have always been pro-choice. Perhaps this is due to my environment, or the exposure to contending ideas and principles. I don't really care whether my perspective is totally different from the others. The only basic principle that I keep holding on to when faced with questions on delicate issues is - whether or not another person would be affected by my decision…
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Condense position papers
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Download file to see previous pages And even if he chooses the former, who are we to blame or persecute him Whatever he does to himself is for his own good. In the same way that an ordinary heterosexual person aims for the betterment of himself and of the others as well, so do the homosexual. I believe that is not for us to judge a person, a homosexual at that, based on sexual preferences. I firmly believe that if ever the homosexuals are given the chance to choose whom to love or admire, they would choose the normal choice - a male for a female and vice versa. They would never want to be put in such humiliating situations that could earn the ire of their parents, family, friends, and even the government. Indeed, not a single crime may be imputed directly to the homosexual preference of an offender. "Coming out can sometimes lead to a life crisis, which can elevate to suicidal thoughts or even committing suicide."1 So, let us leave them alone, or we might end up becoming worse than the persons whom we thought are second-class individuals. As previously stated in the essay, "acceptance is the key and fear is the originator of all things 'immoral.'"
In relation to the matter of choices, I also agree with the idea of abortion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Condense Position Papers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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