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Wonders of The African World - Movie Review Example

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The documentary made by Henry Louis Gates Jr. is an attempt to bring out the rich civilisation and history of the continent of Africa. The documentary covers the Black Kingdoms of Nile, the Coast of Swahili, the Slave Kingdoms of Africa, The Holy Land, The Road to Timbuktu and the Lost Cities of the South…
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Wonders of The African World
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Download file to see previous pages He gives us a clear insight into the history of celebrated monuments and buildings, the culture and tradition followed in the region, besides the rituals and architectural beauty of the places of the region.
Then, with the showcasing of Timbuktu and The Lost Cities of the South, Gates extends his support to the factual capacities of the Africans in being able to create this kind of a cultural and learning setup. The cities of Zimbabwe, Kush, Mero , Axum, Lalibela, Asante, Timbuktu, Zimbabwe were great examples that have been given by Gates to place before us the African essence!
These four aspects of the documentary clearly throw light on the richness of the African continent in terms of tradition, religion, architecture and learning. However, the other two important descriptive pieces of the documentary, which are the The Swahili Coast and The Slave Kingdoms are more on the verge of showcasing the 'dark' side of the Dark Continent.
The two parts of the documentary clearly outline the violence, disparity and the cruelty of the same Africa, that has been portrayed as something rich in culture and tradition! Here, the gh ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wonders of The African World Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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