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Joe Willie Namath - Book Report/Review Example

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Jimmy Breslin offers an important depiction of Joe Willie Namath, former American football quarterback, in his story “Namath all night long” and the author presents Namath as the only one player who can change the tone of a city…
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Joe Willie Namath
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Extract of sample "Joe Willie Namath"

Namath all night long Jimmy Breslin offers an important depiction of Joe Willie Namath, former American football quarterback, in his story "Namath all night long" and the author presents Namath as the only one player who can change the tone of a city. According to the author, it was this football celebrity who provided the New York City unforgettable, light, meaningless, dippy and lovely few days when he beat the Baltimore Colts. Breslin suggests that location and time really do not matter in the world of Joe Willie Namath and he presents Namath as an immensely likeable 25-year-old person by the name of Broadway Joe. Namath's people on First and Second Avenues, where young girls spread out of the buildings and his people are lovers of bars. Hyperbolically, the author suggests that Namath comes with a Scotch in his hand at night and a football in the daytime. Significantly, the most important characteristic that the author highlights in the life of Namath is his drinking habit and he convincingly narrates this feature of Namath. The author illustrates the peculiarity of Namath's character with the example of Babe Ruth, who excels all the people that the author knows with regard to his drinking habit, and one who stands at the bar with Joe Namath feels that he still never has seen anybody who could drink like that. "The Palm Bay Club is a private place with suites that can cost you over $2,000 a month, and Namath lives through the winter in one of the biggest, a place with a white leather bar that many people say is the best bar in all of Miami, and a view of sun splashing on blue water. When Joe Namath came to his suite on this day, a guy he knew was taking up the living room floor with a girl. Namath went politely past them into the bedroom. Another guy he knew was there with a girl. Namath shrugged and left to play golf." (Breslin) In a careful reading of "Namath all night long", one recognizes that Jimmy Breslin portrays Joe Namath as a special character who, like the other Namath's people on First and Second Avenues, is immersed in drinking at night and in football in the daytime.
Work Cited
Breslin, Jimmy. "Namath all night long." New York Magazine. 1969. Oct 31. 2009. . Read More
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