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On the Movie Minority Report (2002) - Essay Example

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The film "Minority Report" concerns a futuristic dystopia, in which criminal activity is stopped even before it has a chance to even begin. This is made possible by three siblings; two brothers and a sister, who are psychic. These siblings are kept under constant sedation in an antiseptic pool of water…
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Essay on the Movie Minority Report (2002)
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Download file to see previous pages Under great protest, the husband is arrested and incarcerated, away from harm.
When Cruise's character, John Anderton, begins to question the validity of the Pre-Crime system, he is soon himself targeted as an "enemy of the state", as it were. He notices that the female precog has an extra vision; one that is not registered on the official Pre-Crime system, and begins to investigate. This brings about the events that lead to the conclusion of the film; the founder of Pre-Crime is himself shown as no more than a murderer.
After losing everything in the pursuit of this truth, including his eyes, Anderton regains the most important part of his life: his family. This is only possible after he has accepted that his kidnapped son would never return to him. After this devastating realization, Anderton is able to make a new beginning; his wife returns to him, and they have the promise of a new child. The precog siblings are also able to make a new beginning in a sort of paradise setting, secluded from the world that would exploit them.
When the corruption of those in power is exposed in the film, those who suffer, namely John Anderton and the precogs, find peace. In this way, the sacrifice of the good results in corruption, while the exposure and punishment of the corrupt means peace and redemption.
In terms of politics, power is a prominent theme in the film. This manifests itself in a variety of ways. Most obviously, the powers that be in terms of the Pre-Crime Department are corrupt. Secondly, there are underlying elements of social and personal morality that seek to overthrow and expose the corrupt power that rules, as well as often oppress society and also individuals. Thirdly, some authors have suggested an underlying religious theme of suffering and redemption.
The most direct manifestation of political power in the film is the founder of Pre-Crime. Like many politicians, he hides the true corruption of his past under a veneer of creating the perfect, crime-free world. In this, he succeeds only for a while. The film appears to suggest, according to Tricia Snell (2007), an underlying social code of morality that continually attempts to restore the good where it has been corrupted.
The main power in the film is the Pre-Crime Department. It has however itself been corrupted by means of a murder its founder committed. The representative of morality in the film is John Anderton, who has himself been so damaged by crime that he initially fails to recognize the corruption of the one thing that still provides meaning to his life. After losing his son and wife, Anderton is blind to the faults of his one remaining anchor in life. When this final connection betrays him, Anderton is forced to use his inner sense of morality as a new anchor in a world that has betrayed him on both a personal and professional level.
Snell (2007) also mentions the issue of human rights in terms of how the precogs are practically imprisoned and drugged for life in order to serve the well-being of humankind. The rights of the precognitive siblings are sacrificed for the right of society to a crime-free life. In this, Anderton serves as the connection between restoring the rights of the precogs and exposing the corruption of the Pre-Crime ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on the Movie Minority Report (2002) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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