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Fire Behavior - Assignment Example

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The unique fire behavior problems that may be encountered at high-rise fires are: access, rescue, fire control, exposure protection, safety and ventilation. This essay, first, discusses these, then looks at how they can be evaluated and solved.i
Access refers to the often only single means of entering the high-rise building, and, that accessing higher floors (outside the reach of aerials), is limited to using normally closely spaced stairwells, possibly causing fire fighters to enter directly into rather than (as with ground level fires) the more familiar 'outside in', approach.
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Fire Behavior Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages High-rise buildings (post 1948), built higher, more tightly sealed, and with open-landscaped floors, increase the likelihood of fires reaching flashpoint and the potential for backdrafts. Effective exposure protection across multiple lines in high-rise fires, is both slow and difficult, affecting issues of personnel safety, both compounded by needing to ensure sufficient resources are used for quenching a fire, as well as the effects of smoke, on a tiring attacking crew. Providing vital ventilation, through the usual vertical method (by breaking the glass from the floor above), risks spreading the fire to upper floors, this is therefore limited to using horizontal means, thus lengthening the firefighting process considerably. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fire Behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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