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Lierature Review Outline - Assignment Example

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A. Greenburg, Organizational Justice Today
1. summary – critical evaluation
2. conclusions
a. More research is needed in different areas
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Lierature Review Outline
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Extract of sample "Lierature Review Outline"

March 23, 2009 Literature Review Outline Organizational Justice Justice's role in Employee Happiness; the need for more research I.Introduction
A. Defining Organizational justice
1. Distributive Justice Tradition
-Greenburg, Organizational Justice Today
- Cohen-Charash and Spector, Role of Justice in Organizations
a. Equity theory - perceived outcome equals perceived input
b. Leventhals' Justice Judgment model
2. Procedural Justice
-Greenburg, Organizational Justice Today
- Cohen-Charash and Spector, Role of Justice in Organizations
a. Thibault and Walker
b. Greenburg and Folger
3. Interactional Justice
II. Reviews
A. Greenburg, Organizational Justice Today
1. summary - critical evaluation
2. conclusions
a. More research is needed in different areas
B. Cohen-Charash and Spector, Role of Justice in Organizations
1. summary - critical evaluation
2. conclusions
a. justification for studying three types of organizational justice
b. need more information on antecedents
c. what we know - related to organizational citizenship behaviors
-procedural justice best predictor for work performance
-satisfaction and trust measured by all justice types
- commitment measures by all -mostly procedural
C. Mc.Farlin, Sweeney - Distributive and Procedural justice
1. summary - critical evaluation
2. conclusions
D. Zhang, Antecedents and consequences of Organizational justice
1. summary - critical evaluation
2. conclusions
III. Comparisons
A. Papers universally call for more research for sufficient knowledge
B. Find and use measure of organizational justice to predict employee's happiness and retention
C. Relationship of procedural and distributive justice, how they are interrelated
D. Solutions for justice violations
E. What are best predictors for employee happiness and retention
IV. Conclusions
A. Employees are unhappy when they believe they have been treated unfairly.
B. Procedural and distributive justice measure different aspects of Organizational justice.
C. More research is needed to determine how they interact.
D. More research is needed to determine predictors of employee unhappiness
E. There should be a measurement so that employee's happiness can be predicted Read More
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(Lierature Review Outline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Lierature Review Outline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Lierature Review Outline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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