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Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Book Report/Review Example

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James D. G Dunn Ph.D., (University of Cambridge) is a very famous author who wrote scores of books which included 'The Theology of Paul the Apostle and Jesus Remembered,' Corinthians 1, Galatians, Romans and Colossians/Philemon. He also served as a Professor of Theology at the University of Durham…
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Baptism in the Holy Spirit
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Extract of sample "Baptism in the Holy Spirit"

Download file to see previous pages Venema) He is one of the greatest British scholars of the New Testament and his works are widely based on the evangelical tradition. Dunn was made the President of 'Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societies' which was an international body for the study of the New Testament in the year 2002. Besides him, only three other British scholars have been given this honor.
A dedication to Dunn in the form of a 'festschrift' was published in 2005 and it comprised of articles written on the New Testament by 27 other scholars like him. These articles examined the early Christian beliefs involving the Holy Spirit. (Edited by Graham N. Stanton, Bruce W. Longenecker & Stephen Barton 2004)
The core of Dunn's work is based primarily on a monograph on the study of the New Testament with a bit of influence of Pentecostalism in the last decade. This book is essentially quite useful to scholars, students and ministers because it throws light on the finer aspects of Pentecostal Theology especially - baptism in the Holy Spirit.
The main thesis contained in this book is the knowledge to enlighten the Christians who go according to the New Testament, to come to understand the actual meaning and place of the Holy Spirit and baptism and begin to look at it from a more critical angle.
According to Dunn, salvation is experienced in two stages - the first is in becoming a Christian and the second is in experiencing the greatness of the Holy Spirit. For many Puritans the second experience was one of assurance. (See J.I Pracker, 1956)
3 Highlight some key views of the author
The key views of the author, encompasses the views of other great writers but is centered or focused on the Holy Spirit and Baptis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Baptism in the Holy Spirit Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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