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According to Lawrence M. Brammer (1992), change is a problem for most of the people, although their reactions to personal life transitions vary from high anxiety to exhilaration. Transition is defined as sharp discontinuity with previous life events. An event of movement from one phase to other resulting in transformation of life, status, or any other thing which does not makes it look like it was before can be termed as transition…
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Transition Plan
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Download file to see previous pages (Mario and Marko, 2001) Transitions in the economic and financial structure in various countries have changed the mindset of many policymakers and forced them to rethink on their decisions.
The present credit crunch can be termed as another period of transition wherein most of the nationalized banks in the so called superpower, richest land on earth, United States are tumbling down. The world was not ready for the crisis and hence the present economic turmoil. Schools have an important role to play in the lives of children in regard to their education and skills. The present challenges faced by schools are preparing them for the future studies. Most of the schools don't offer guidance to the students on their future education and career. Schools should take the responsibility of identifying the students' interest of education, subject and field of study and encourage and assist him to achieve his/her goals.
Prior to introducing the child to school, it is necessary to assess the child's readiness to start school by looking into various factors such as child's age, maturity, social skills, health and their ability to perform certain tasks individually. (Angela, 2008) This transition could lead to lots of constraints for parents. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the parents first before they bring in their children for admission in pre-school. The parents should be advised to talk with their children about schools which will reduce the fear of entering into a new world. The parents should instructed to attend the orientation session where they can be informed about the curriculum, schedules, extra-curricular activities, etc. (
Smoother transition of activities
Schools have to pen down various measures and steps to ensure that transition in schools do not have harsh impact on students. Transition is planning for one's future after high school while still in high school. The transition from school to work, from secondary to post-secondary education is an arduous task for the students of various categories. The schools must lay down procedures to tackle such issues through early planning, continuous assessment process of interest of students, their goals, work experiences, networking with agency and community personnel and creativity about planning. ( Transition plan should draw all the information relating to all the fields mentioned herein, in order to plan correctly the future of young adults. (
Facilities for stakeholders and their responsibilities
The process of transition means leaving the past behind and moving ahead which could be painful at times on any given day. Therefore it has to deal carefully in terms of school so the process does not affect the mindset of children. Children in kindergarten should be assessed on various criterions like physical, emotional, linguistic and cognitive and work according to the requirement laid down in the code of practice. Children should be advised on all the issues of transition by preparing a proper transition plan. Children should be prepared well to take on the forthcoming challenges. In regard to their career, the schools should assess ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transition Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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