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The use of complementary atlternative medicine (CAM) - Research Paper Example

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Mr. Cohen is a 75 year old Jewish American with emphysema chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. He was admitted for difficulty breathing. Here, we discuss and explore the use of complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) therapies with Mr. Cohen. As we discuss the case study medications and CAM interactions, we include the purpose of each CAM, its therapeutic affects, and negative side effects…
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The use of complementary atlternative medicine (CAM)
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"The use of complementary atlternative medicine (CAM)"

Download file to see previous pages What we have seen with Mr. Cohen is his oxygen saturation varies with torso position, physical activity, and Albuterol treatments. In terms of torso position, Mr. Cohen tends to keep the head of bed up with helps keep fluid flow away from his solar plexus which helps him breath easier, but it cause lower back pain. Percocet helps relieve the pain. Sometimes, Mr. Cohen leans over his bedside table to assist his breathing by increasing pressure on his solar plexus region to augment pulmonary diffusion of oxygen. When he does this his lungs sounds clear but diminished on both sides. His oxygen saturation is 92% immediately following this behavior.
Although physical activity tends to lower his oxygen saturation, it is necessary to assist the body in exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen over the capillaries. A 60 foot walk to the nurses' station decreased oxygen saturation to 86%, but a few deep breaths increased it to 91% in a matter of moments. Likewise, the return 60 foot walk to his room decreased oxygen saturation to 87%, but a moment's rest increased it to 91%. Following the physical activity, Mr. Cohen took an Albuterol treatment to increase his oxygen saturation to 93%.
Mr. Cohen is a 75 year old Jewish American with emphysema chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. He was admitted for difficulty breathing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of Complementary Atlternative Medicine (CAM) Research Paper.
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