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Crimes - Research Paper Example

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Crime is known to be an act or omission which is not allowed by criminal law and is usually punished by imprisonment or fine. There are two basic classes of law; there is criminal law and civil law. Criminal law is where the government prosecutes a person for an act or omission that is classified as a crime…
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Download file to see previous pages... Murder is considered the most serious violent crime and its punishment is life prison, long prison life or capital punishment (death). Different states have different laws in relation to murder but the common division is manslaughter and murder. Murder is where the killer thought and intended to kill without a justifiable reason. In this case, the killer does not have a reasonable explanation to commit the crime. Murder can also take place under the felony-murder rule. Where one in the course of committing a felony such as robbery kills somebody else, he is charged with murder although there was no initial plan or premeditation. In this case, the person acted in a dangerous way and his behavior led to the death of somebody else. The difference between manslaughter and murder therefore is in the fact that there is no premeditation in manslaughter.
Manslaughter is further divided into voluntary and involuntary categories. Voluntary manslaughter means that the intention to kill is there but it comes up suddenly due to intense emotions but it was not planned. In this case, there is no cooling off period between the action that brought the aggravation and the killing. There is no intention to kill but it happens due to carelessness or negligence. Voluntary manslaughter is not as serious as murder but it results to prison time. The only killing where the killer is released from responsibility is killing in self defense (Storing, 1981).
Crimes against Property
Crimes against property are those which involve theft without any force or threat directed towards a person. These include burglary, motor vehicle theft, larceny-theft and arson. Burglary is where one enters into somebody else's property such as a building to steal something. Lacenny-theft does not involve entry into a person's property but it is the unlawful taking of property. Embezzlement involves the changing something that was lawfully acquired to conduct unlawful activities. In embezzlement, the property must have come to the suspect's possession through a fiduciary relationship. It involves an element of breach of trust. It is necessary to prove breach of trust by showing that the property in question was handled in a manner that is not consisted with the trust arrangement. The required mental state for one to be accused of embezzlement is that there must have had been an intent to defraud and convert the property in question. Other types of crimes against property include false pretenses and receiving stolen property. In false pretenses, a person is deceived to give up his rightful ownership or possession of property with an intention of converting the property to personal use. Possession or concealing, receiving and buying of stolen property also constitute of a crime against property.
Under the crimes against property, extortion is the only intent crime. Another word for extortion is blackmail. It involves the taking of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hate Crimes
The thirst or desire for domination is an inherited trait in the blood of all the human beings. It may come out in different forms at different times. For example, some white people dislike black people. Same way Muslims are disliked by some of the American Christians especially after the 9/11 incident.
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Hate crimes
Stotzer (2007) stated that the main reason of the hostile intentions for the victim is due to his perceived inclusion in a specific group. Hate crimes cause major setbacks in the lifestyles of individuals belonging to minorities, culturally and racially different individuals.
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Governmental Crimes Research paper
People are exposed to such dangers of terrorism and violence that their lives are in one way or the other is affected by the criminal activities. The government and other responsible bodies focus, however, on the conventional crimes, terrorism, domestic violence, workplace injustice and so on.
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Victimless crimes
The question that begs answers therefore is, ‘should the government interfere in such matters? It all depends on individual perceptions of victimless crimes as being immoral and disturbance to public order or those who view such activities as exercising personal autonomy and enjoying human rights as entailed in the American constitution Bill of rights (Fernandez, 25).
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Global Crimes Analysis
This substantially brings about significant issue of the global crimes analysis which would incorporate different types of global crimes and prevailing justice systems associated with them. In this paper, the proponent tries to identify the various major global crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on national and international justice systems and processes.
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Internet crimes
Individual People 7 A. Dealing with Internet Crimes 7 B. Personal Computers as Target of Internet Crimes 8 V. Conclusion 9 References 10 Internet Crimes I. INTRODUCTION Nowadays you will not be shocked if one of your friends told you that he was cybercrime victim by stealing his credit card number or his identity information.
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Cyber Crimes
According to studies, cyber crimes have the potential of harming a nation’s security system and its financial well-being if these criminal levels escalate. In many cases, these cyber crimes include copyright infringement, underage pornography, government cracking, and child grooming.
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Both men present an understanding of the motivations of a criminal mind. Both men are motivated and self-serving in their need to kill. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is the subject of several movies and
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Hate Crimes
Other factors that have been added to the hate crimes definition include crimes based on prejudice due to disability (Macmahon et al, 2004) and gender (McPhail and DiNitto, 2005). While
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Computer Crimes
All these innocent victims are regular users of the computer and internet. Companies have all their confidential data stored up in their computers. Companies have
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