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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. The French Revolution of 1789. Differences between Political Developments in Western Europe (France) and Eastern Europe (Russia) - Book Report/Review Example

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A Modest Proposal, written by Jonathan Swift is an account of the conditions of the Irish people who were subjected to British hegemony during the 18th century, wherein these people were mistreated and deprived of their rights as human beings…
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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. The French Revolution of 1789. Differences between Political Developments in Western Europe (France) and Eastern Europe (Russia)
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Extract of sample "A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. The French Revolution of 1789. Differences between Political Developments in Western Europe (France) and Eastern Europe (Russia)"

Download file to see previous pages Swift who was born in Dublin, saw this through his early years and later his own turmoil in life helped him to develop a rational for the Irish cause.

Swift was the only son of Jonathan Swift Sr., whose untimely death left him devoid of the family comfort and mentoring that he needed at the time, while growing up through a troubled childhood. He spent his early years without his mother, Abigail Erick, who left him in the custody of Godwin, an uncle from his father's side, and went to England. This deprivation led him to develop a deep sense of remorse which was evident when, despite of being a Briton himself he chose to side the Irish in their efforts against British.

He worked on his B.A at Dublin University (Trinity College, Dublin), but was not quite through with his Master's degree yet, when the political upheaval disrupted his studies and he had to leave for England. The British had been busy crushing the Irish, while in the process letting them to rot, where as the Irish had gained enough momentum to rise up against the British under the Glorious Revolution. By now Jonathan Swift had gained enough sense through his education to feel the reality of the situation around him and to express his inability to correct the wrong.
As he returned to England in 1688, his mother helped him get a position as secretary and personal assistant of Sir William Temple, an English diplomat at Moor Park who had a history of public service such as arranging the Triple Alliance of 1668. Temple was now living a retired life and was tending to his garden and writing his memoirs. Under his service Swift was often trusted with matters of great importance and later he had a chance to see William III. This led Swift to see the political side of a situation through his eyes and he began to contribute his own view for the things around him. He helped Temple in writing his memoirs and contributed in the correspondence which shaped the literary side of his personality. In other words he was being politically groomed by Temple which can be seen in his book, The Battle of The Books- a prelude to his later work that supported Temple's critical analysis in the form of Essay upon Ancient and Modern Learning.
After the publication of the book in 1704, Swift became politically active and when he joined Tories by becoming the editor of their journal The Examiner, his political side reached a prominent height. Unfortunately the Tories were involved in plots that later earned them shame, when they were accused of secretly and illegally negotiating with the French to produce the Treaty of Utecht to end the war of Spanish succession. The accusations from the Whigs against the Tories resulted in the loss of their power and Swift had to return to Dublin to seek a refuge from the executions which could result from the allegations against him. While in Dublin he could work as the Deanery of St. Patrick's Church, enough to earn him a modest living and to suit his religious bent. He was still able to write his feelings through the pamphlets to support the Irish cause and in 1729 he wrote A Modest Proposal which earned him the status of an Irish patriot. He openly showed his contempt against the rulers who had jeopardized the situation in Ireland through their botched governing practices. In the book he suggested ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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