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International business contest - Research Paper Example

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Geographic segmentation is based on identifying the market according to its geographical characteristics. Egypt can be identified as a one of the world's largest countries and is located at the northern corner of Africa with the size of approximately 997, 740 square kilometers…
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International business contest
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Demographic segmentation refers to the practice in which the company focuses on age, gender, marital status and similar characteristics. It's the most popular strategy or basis for segmenting the market though its complicated nature at times necessitates fist hand information about customer behavior (Rivlin, 2003). While variables associated with demographics can be easily obtained and the related metrics would readily lend to interpretations, there is still a very demanding process of data gathering and storage to be retrieved when needed for a variety of purposes such as cross checks and extrapolation studies. Egypt can be identified as a country which consists of most population in the Middle East and the 3rd in the African Continent. Thus out of the total population 99% of them are concentrated on major cities of Cairo and Alexandria which centered on the banks of Nile. Therefore Company need to basically focus its attention on those greatest cities in order to successfully market the Washing Machine. Consumer demographics also involve age and lifecycle studies.
Economic factors include the relative value for money concept. Egypt is mainly depends on the agriculture, tourism, media and petroleum exports. However the rapid growing population and the liberal economic policies have increased the economic growth of the country. Therefore it is obvious that economically speaking Egypt population would influenced by a strong desire to save on time and money with their busiest life style (Bolbol, Fatheldin, & Omran, 2005). Thus their demand patterns for washing machines are essentially determined by the degree of necessity to save time. This economic proposition is said to be much stronger than many other concerns. This argument has been put forward by some market analysts as a stage of transformation that ultimately leads to copied lifestyles.
2. Political Profile
2.1. Government
The political dispensation of the country is a republic. Thus it includes Executive arm of the State and a Head of the government. It is a Presidential Republican State where the executive power and the legislative power are shared by both the Government and People's Assembly. Since the year of 1953 the Republican form of government has been exercising the power in a more transparent system which allows eighteen political parties to conduct their activities in order to capture the government power in a more democratic way. The ruling party of the government is National Democratic Party. Thus the term of the government will not be more than five years. But any time if the President wishes he can dissolve the parliament by promulgating an order. So the government and legislative activities are mostly based on the executive pow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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International Business Contest Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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