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A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence (Rachel Cameron) - Book Report/Review Example

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In the novel 'A Jest of God', Rachel Cameron is the main character who analyses day-to-day events happening in her life. The novel reveals both, the inner feelings and the external reactions of Rachel Cameron. …
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A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence (Rachel Cameron)
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Extract of sample "A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence (Rachel Cameron)"

Download file to see previous pages The novel is mainly about the self realization journey that Rachel takes. As the novel progresses, Rachel realizes certain realities about her life and begins to accept the limitations and inadequacies she has to live with.
Rachel is extremely sensitive about the events occurring around her. She analyses situations critically, most of the time a little more critically than necessary. The pattern in which her mind works, in itself, is a proof that she believes she is inadequate. It is obvious that she is extremely worried about what people around her think about her. It is this lack of self confidence in her that forces her to believe people don't mean what they say. She expects even the most trivial statement made by a person to mean something more than what they have intended to convey. Her lack of self confidence is also evident from the fact that she goes on apologizing even when it is not required. The inadequacy she assumes that she has makes her think that she owes the person opposite to her an apology. She presumes that she is not capable of satisfying Nick's expectations and apologizes to him even when she is sharing an intimate moment with him. But as the novel progresses, Rachel begins to realize that she does not need to apologize the way she always does with her mother and others. When she spends a few moments speaking to Hector, she begins to apologize to him even when it is not warranted. She then says to herself, "Go on apologizing for ever, go on until nothing of you is left. Is that what you want the most" (Laurence, 153) She then changes her mind and instead thanks Hector for spending time with her. Though this realization begins at this point, she actually puts this into practice a little later on when she stops apologizing to her mother, something she has been doing for so many years now.
One of the main aspects that pushes Rachel further in her path to self discovery is her experience with Nick. With Nick, she is sharing an experience that she has never before shared with anyone in the last thirty four years. She craves for his approval so much that she often fantasizes that Nick would want her just the way she wants him. Even after Nick has left Manawaka without informing her, she weaves webs of dreams about the way she wants things to work out between Nick and herself but deep within her heart knows none of them would come true. She begins to realize that, over the years, she has accumulated so many layers of dreams that she doesn't become aware of it until some harsh reality lets her see the truth. Initially, Rachel thinks Nick would never want to be with an aged woman like herself, but in reality he does spend his time with her. By the time Nick leaves her, she begins to imagine otherwise. She begins to look for reasons to believe that Nick did not leave Manawaka because of her, but because of having a fight with his father or for some other reason. In spite of Nick leaving her without a word and leaving her to assume that he is a married man, Rachel keeps dreaming that Nick would want her to inform him about her having his child. Rachel encounters Nick's parents one Saturday evening after summer and learns the fact that Nick has never been married before. It is at this point that Rachel understands the fact that she would never be able to know what exactly it was that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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