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Anne Moodys Coming of age in Mississippi - Book Report/Review Example

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Anne Moody's Coming of age in Mississippi, one of the most celebrated autobiographical accounts in the 20th century, narrates the story of the African American girl's growing up in rural in Mississippi in the middle of the last century. The narrative takes on the girl's childhood which got through the elementary school, high school and college, and ultimately the more significant Civil Rights Movement…
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Anne Moodys Coming of age in Mississippi
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Extract of sample "Anne Moodys Coming of age in Mississippi"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it becomes obvious that the autobiography by Anne Moody, which wonderfully blends some of the personal and historical events that shaped her life in the fullness of time, has been greatly regarded as an outstanding contribution to the study of racism and its after-effects. More significantly, the work offers great insight into the black women's association with the Civil Rights Movement, and the sexist as well as racist environment of the period enhances the relevance of the narrative which tells the women's hardships in the region. The work which is divided into four sections gives the account of the four period of the author's life and they are childhood, high school, college, and the Movement. "In sections titled 'Childhood,' 'High School,' 'College,' and 'The Movement,' Moody s autobiography recounts her struggles as the daughter of a poor working mother, as well as her reaction to the killing of Emmett Till, her encounters with racism, and her involvement with the NAACP." (Flora et al, 288) The main argument of the writer is against racism and the oppression of the Black women, and the most important themes of the autobiography include the absurdity of racial distinctions, the evil of disunity among blacks in the face of White oppression, and the disparaging power of prejudice. Moody's frustrations with being a woman in the civil rights movement and having to cope with the continuous guard and repression by the oppressor are loud and clear all through the piece. Moody is successful in presenting her hypotheses and main arguments in the most explicit way and her substantiating evidences from her personal life experiences in the racist background enhance the appeal of the narrative to millions of readers in the modern period.
Anne Moody has been effective in making a very crucial argument against the racist and sexist oppressions of the Black women in her widely acclaimed autobiography Coming of age in Mississippi. As aforementioned, Moody is unambiguous in making her hypotheses explicit to the readers and the quality and nature of evidences that the author uses to support her main argument helped the work enjoy great critical acclaim as well as wide readability. The main arguments of the author were connected with some of the most essential aspects of the American history and autobiographical account is acclaimed as an intensely personal story which also offers a significant portrait of the turning point in America's destiny. The major arguments of the narrator which deal with the racist and sexist background of the nation help the readers view and realize the American history in the making, and the perspective of a major foot-soldier in the civil rights movement enlarges the success of the account. The strength of the personal narrative style, along with the quality and nature of the evidences provided by the narrator, abundantly substantiate Moody's hypotheses and main arguments. "Not only did I enter high school with a new name, but also with a completely new insight into the life of Negroes in Mississippi. I was now working for one of the meanest white women in town, and a week before school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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