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Vail-Colorado - Research Paper Example

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Vail was founded by two men in 1962 named Earl Eaton and Pete Seibert. In January of 1961, Vail got the final approval to begin construction on the ski area. Construction began a year later in 1962, and by the end of the same year Vail Mountain opened with two chairlifts, one gondola, and a lift ticket with a price tag of $5.00…
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Download file to see previous pages In 1992 Apollo Partners purchased Vail Associates, which in turn became Vail Resorts Inc., which was followed by the acquisition of ski resorts Keystone and Breckenridge. The acquisition of these ski resorts was a major change that helped Vail succeed in the long run by appealing to a broader market. Both Keystone and Breckenridge have lower prices than Vail Mountain, and attract more single- and college-aged customers (Vail Resorts).
The company then added the Real Estate segment which comprised 6 percent of the company's total revenues in 2004. Mountain revenues account for 69 percent, and revenues from lodging activities account for the remaining 25 percent. Having these additional revenues allowed Vail to establish itself and provide a greater level of customization to its guests. Owning a house on the mountain allowed skiers to visit more frequently during the winter season, as well as have a getaway during the summer season (Vail Resorts).
Vail owns four different ski resorts in Colorado, a resort in Lake Tahoe California, as well as a summer resort in Grand Teton. Along with these six resorts, Vail owns Rock Resorts which is a management company that "manages 10 luxury resort hotels across the United States" (Vail Resorts).
Vail Resorts offers a complete package to the vacationer of all ages...
The majority of Vail Resort's visitors are there for the challenging ski terrain and the top quality service. Vail offers some of the most challenging ski terrain Colorado has and offers instructional courses for beginning to expert skiers. Select resorts have begun offering instructional ski lessons for select individuals. Classes such as: over the age of 50 only, female only, and kids Ski Zone packages have been implemented to provide the skier a more comfortable learning experience. They have recently started to offer amenities that fit the eye of the snowboarders dream. Many of the resort now offer snowboarder parks that include rails, pipes, jumps, terrain parks, and much more. For the person that prefers not to ski for the day, other activities are offered that allow them to enjoy the great outdoors without hitting the slopes. Activities such as ice skating, tubing, ski biking, snowshoeing, snowmobile tours, hiking trails, golf courses, hot-air balloon rides, and even a kid's snowmobile racetrack has been added to the list for the visitor's pleasure. (Snow, 2005)
Many indoor activities are offered at Vail Resorts as well. The most enjoyable indoor attraction is the many shopping areas the various resorts have to offer. There is a variety of shops where you can find gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, art, clothing, and much more. Other activities Vail Resorts offer will include museums, comedy shows, health spas, amphitheaters, arcades, indoor ice skating, bowling, and a variety of night clubs and bars. (Snow, 2005)
Vail Resorts targets the consumer that trends more towards the upper class in society. These customers are willing and able to pay the top price in the industry to get ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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