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Aunt Ethel - Movie Review Example

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Everyone knows the definition of skinflint, tightwad, and cheapskate. They stand in the checkout line line squeezing their pennies until Lincoln cries in pain. Corners are cut as shortcuts are taken in an effort to save what little there may be. They come in all ages, shapes, and sizes, but none can match Aunt Ethel…
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Aunt Ethel
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Extract of sample "Aunt Ethel"

Download file to see previous pages When she bakes a pie she cleans the oven right then so she won't have to wait for it to heat up again. She usually serves her vegetables fresh because it takes no time to cook them. Aunt Ethel also saves time shopping. When she goes to the grocery she gets enough food for a month. On her way to the supermarket she also does any other shopping she has to do. Aunt Ethel always takes a list and her entire shopping route is planned ahead. She also finds a way to save her leisure time. Aunt Ethel will knit while she watches TV. When she goes for a walk, she takes a book to read. Her exercise period consists of mowing the lawn and raking the leaves. There is no time that Aunt Ethel isn't saving time.
down. Aunt Ethel's shoes are all slip-ons so she won't have to spend the energy tying them. Some people say that Aunt Ethel drinks Ensure just so she won't have to chew her lunch. She does her part for global warming by saving gasoline. She never drives when it's cold because it will waste gas while the car warms up. When going down a hill she turns the car off and lets it coast down. At a stoplight she turns the car off rather than waste fuel by idling. Environmentalists would be proud of Aunt Ethel's electricity saving methods. The low wattage bulbs she uses are hard on her eyes, but they save electricity. The water at Aunt Ethel's is always cold because she keeps the hot water off until she is ready to use it, and then it's barely tepid. In the winter she saves electricity by burning wood instead of using her electric heater. If the world runs out of energy it won't be because Aunt Ethel used it all.
Aunt Ethel likes to save her money more than anything else. She can save money on the most common household items. She uses old newspapers to clean her windows instead of using paper towels. When she cleans her windows she uses vinegar rather than the more expensive window cleaners. Her family secret, a concoction made with baking soda, is the only cleanser she keeps in her kitchen. Her money saving ideas also reduce her food bill. Aunt Ethel can make the best chicken soup out of a leftover chicken. She will add a broth to this soup made from the parts of vegetables that most people would discard. For desert she makes bread pudding out of her stale bread. Because her wardrobe
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is so stylish you would never guess how few dollars she spends on clothes. She saves money by shopping at yard sales and thrift shops. She tries to shop for articles that match so her wardrobe has a wide variety while only purchasing a few items. If she finds an item with a little wear she mends it. Whether in the home, the kitchen, or the closet Aunt Ethel is always saving money.
Aunt Ethel may appear to be a cheapskate, but she is simply being practical with her time, her energy, and her money. At her golden age she realizes the value in saving time by utilizing it wisely. She has also come to value the scarce resources of energy and money and has found creative ways to conserve both. When Aunt Ethel pinches a penny Lincoln does not cry out in pain, he simply says thank you for being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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