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Since I have been a child I have always been interested in architecture. You can say that it has been my passion. I have always liked to draw sketches and had a keen interest in how things were made especially huge structures. I would look at buildings for hours and try to think of small effects that would make the building better and sometimes more durable…
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Download file to see previous pages That is why houses do not look like buildings and offices do not look like houses. The warmth you feel when you look at a house is not there when you look at a shopping mall or the office building.
Studying architecture in the UK has been my dream and that is why I came here. The buildings in London have heritage and looking at them you can feel their history and it's life. I have graduated from University of Greenwich with a second-class degree.
After that I worked with a small architecture firm in London. Working with this firm helped me gain experience which I might not have gained working with a bigger firm. They taught me how to apply all the concepts that I learned in the university.
I have studied architecture since my A Level. I had History of Art and Architecture and Design as my subjects in A Level. I have also taken some drawing courses, which have helped me improve the quality of my sketches and improved my standard from the amateur standard that I had previously.
I wrote a dissertation on London Impressions 'The Historical, Functional and Sentimental Importance Of the London Underground: How it influences the way People experience, live and conceive London.' I wrote this paper in 2007 with help and guidance from Dr. Marko Jobst.
I have a vast knowledge of the digital software such as, SketchUp, Satisfactory level of Autocad 2D, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office. I can even make physical models according to the scales mentioned. I also have knowledge about scale, collage and drafting with a wide range of material.
I have also taken part in the Architecture Week London for the past two years, that is 2007 and 2006. In 2006 I made an animated city for a movie, this was a group project. This was called Sustainable Cities while the second project was called Cinematic Landscape. All these exhibitions and videos have helped me gain experience and understand more about the architectural world. In my opinion I have good knowledge of what should be done where to improve the look and efficiency of the building. Not only that, I am able to work with all the new software that has come out for architects. The group project has structured my personality in a way, which can help me envision what other people are thinking and work better with people around me and with people.
I would now like to continue my studies further in the field of Architecture and get a diploma. This diploma will enable me to make better and more beautiful real life buildings. That is what I have always wanted and envisioned. I will get a better understanding of the field and all the small things that are involved. The research that I will need to do for the diploma will take me places and make me analyse buildings.
I have mentioned earlier that I love looking at buildings and analysing them. For the diploma I can get a closer look at ancient and new structures and write about them. I can learn how they were built and how we can build those structures today with modern technology.
I would appreciate if you could give me an opportunity to help me continue with my passion and take it to the next level. With the diploma I can fulfil me dreams and become what I have always wanted to become, an excellent architect who understands buildings and give people structures that they have always desired. Give families homes not houses, a place where they can live their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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