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Hypertension in the African American Culture - Book Report/Review Example

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There have been several research evidences which prove the close relationship between African American culture and the possibility of hypertension and it is a proven fact that African-American males are at higher risk for hypertension in comparison with other demographic groups…
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Hypertension in the African American Culture
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Extract of sample "Hypertension in the African American Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Interventions to control blood pressure in this population are particularly important. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure in patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension, but its effects in patients with severe hypertension have not been studied." (Kokkinos, Narayan, Colleran, Pittaras, Notargiacomo, Reda, and Papademetriou, 1995) However, it is not African-American males alone who are at risk for hypertension and a comparative analysis of different demographic groups with regard to hypertension suggests that African-American women are at risk to suffer from higher incidence and prevalence of the disease compared with other groups. In one of the most significant and recent studies on the various factors associated with adherence to hypertension treatment in African American women, Fongwa, et al came up with some salient research evidences. Accordingly, "High blood pressure (HBP; hypertension), a leading cause of coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke in African American (Black) women, is of epidemic proportions. Despite current advances in HBP management, African American women continue to suffer from higher incidence and prevalence of the disease compared with other groups." (Fongwa, Evangelista, Hays, Martins, Elashoff, Cowan, and Morisky, 2008, p 157). In the background of this study by Fongwa, et al is the fact that hypertension among African American women is of epidemic proportions and non-adherence to treatment may lead to uncontrolled blood pressure in this population. As there has been no definite idea about the factors related with adherence to treatment in African American women, the study by Fongwa, et al aims at identifying the various factors associated with adherence to hypertension treatment in African American women.
In the introductory section of the article, the authors establish that High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension has become a national priority and targeting African American women in connection with HBP is a national health priority of the nation today. They also provide statistical evidences, based on available literature on the topic, to prove that, in spite of current advances in HBP management, African American men and women are at higher risk for hypertension in comparison with the Whites. Thus, in 2004, the incidence and prevalence of hypertension was 47% for African American women and 43% for African American men as against 31% White women. According to them, there is close connection between High blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases and insistent management of the disease is required. "In general, African Americans have a higher prevalence, earlier onset, and more rapid progression of hypertensive end-organ disease as well as excessive hypertension-related mortality compared with other racial/ethnic groups. Thus, HBP is a national priority and targeting African American women is a national health priority." (Fongwa, Evangelista, Hays, Martins, Elashoff, Cowan, and Morisky, 2008, p 157). Therefore, the introductory section of the article "Adherence treatment factors in hypertensive African American women" has been significant in establishing that hypertension among African American women is of epidemic proportions and it is on the basis of the research findings of the previous studies. It also makes salient contribution in reinstating the specific roles of hypertensive African American women, health care providers, and the health care systems in achieving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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