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Medicine and Mathematics - Essay Example

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Mathematics is one of the many elementary scientific regulations which are incorporated in biological sciences. As suggested by Leonardo da Vinci, No human investigation can be declared as science unless and until it follows its track by means of mathematical elucidation and representation (Rossiter, 2003)…
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Medicine and Mathematics

Download file to see previous pages... This can, probably, be a meticulously suitable premise of physiology which is a quantitative science. Today, mathematics is applied in the every-day life while facilitating health care for people around the world. Statistical graphs of epidemics, success rates of treatments, X-rays and CAT scans are some of the examples where mathematics is applied by all mathematical professionals.
CAT Scans are one of the most advanced ways in which medical veterans bring math into use. A CAT scan is a special kind of x-ray known as a Computerized Axial Tomography Scan. A standard x-ray is capable of providing with a two-dimensional view of a specific part of the body. Further, if a smaller bone is concealed amidst the x-ray machine and the larger bone, it is not possible to view the smaller bone which is like a shadow (Article, 2009).
The process has developed commonly and it is quite difficult to understand the way it has developed into a miracle. CAT scan has the capability of providing an image of what a real segment would look like, however, without any real slicing (Phillips, 1999). This technique is strongly reliant on the X-ray penetrability of various tissues, similar to the conservative X-ray imaging. However, the difference lies with the fact that here, as an alternative to a single 2-dimensional X-ray image, a sequence of 1-dimensional X-ray images, which is clicked from various angles, is coalesced again mathematically into a single image of a 2-dimensional segment. Mathematics allows the reconstruction of a 2-dimesional cross-section of an entity from a sequence of 1-dimensional samplings of similar density. This technology is called the Radon Transform (Phillips, 1999).

2.2 Analysis of DNA
DNA filaments are comprised of a number of joint molecules called nucleotides. Particular groups of these molecules tend to perform definite functions that are known as genes which reside in the nuclei of cells. Genes are comprised of codes for manufacturing essential substances for the body. With efficacious coding for proteins, genes have the propensity of recognizing the sequence of events which produce the traits of bodies, such as from blue eyes to blond hair, or even allergies. The passage of genes through generations helps passing on the traits as well. In case of alteration of the genes, traits are altered too, often leading to harmful results. Fascinatingly, segments of DNA tend to break and unite, thereby, scuffling the order of genes. As a result, for the reason that such changeovers possess mathematical prospects, there are various features of DNA which can be derived by knowing such prospects (Casey, 1992). Here, mathematics matches genetic sequences and such researches give way for many other aspects of genetic research as well.

2.3 Molecular Modeling
Various algorithms have been deduced for molecular modeling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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