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Future of the Signal Corp - Research Paper Example

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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Future of the Signal Corp Signal soldiers’ services are critical at all levels of operations of the army. In 2011, the chief of signal cleared several reforms in the Signal regiment to provide efficient, lean and strategic planning of military services through integration of modern technology1…
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Future of the Signal Corp
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Download file to see previous pages However, implementation of the cyber offensive, defensive and network management remains a challenge to the department of defense. To support future force structure, there are fundamental strategies that the department of defense must set. Recognition of technological changes is important for successful implementation of the transformations. Signal soldiers should undertake their missions while considering the global arena’s upcoming technological challenges. The department of defense should adopt strategies that support successful implementation of the cyber offensive, defensive and network management. Adopted strategies should support reforms in accordance with the advancemnets in technology. Signal soldiers’ commanders should strive to attain six notable goals in the effort to adopt the requirements of micro-cyber transformation. First, there must be reforms in the operations of signal regiment. Second, there is necessity to upgrade the technological equipment applied in the operations of signal regiments. Third, it is highly recommendable that there should be a change in the level of support provided to the signal regiment. Fourth, it is recommendable to update the process adopted in the purchase of necessary equipment. Modernization of the approach to training signal soldiers is the fifth concern. It is also recommendable to reduce the number of signal military specialization. Reforms should include combining signal soldiers from diverse occupational specialties to render them capable to undertake challenging missions while retaining the number. Signal soldiers should attain high level of competence in responding to demanding mission situations2. Implementation of the cyber offensive, defensive, and network management necessitates the establishment of tactical operations centers. Establishment of centers is significant to ensure successful mission command. Tactical operations center is important to enhance successful systems validation and coordination of mission command. Training centers are essential in sensitization of signal soldiers of potential cyber threats that may hinder successful execution of their missions. Training centers are also important to sensitize soldiers on how to survive in cases of cyber attacks. Should cyber attacks threaten the network of signal soldiers, they shall have knowledge on how to respond to the situation. Trainers and army cyber commanders sensitize signal soldiers on survival in case of total failure of the entire communication system or in the absence of networks. Training at the center would advance signal soldiers’ knowledge on how they respond to and work without networks at accessible range. Successful implementation of the cyber offensive, defensive and network management requires suitable training of signal soldiers on how best to ensure protection of sensitive networks during their missions. The capability to secure and protect sensitive networks during missions is a vital success factor for signal soldiers during their missions. Knowledge on proper response mechanism is important to enhance soldiers’ success during missions. Training also focuses on enhanced cooperation between the intelligence and signal soldiers’ staffs to attend to any upcoming or arising threats during missions. Incorporating the role of intelligence and operations officers in enhancing the role of signal soldiers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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