The Reasons to Serve on Active Duty as an Army Officer: United States Military Academy - Assignment Example

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The purpose of the assignment "The Reasons to Serve on Active Duty as an Army Officer: United States Military Academy" is to provide an application form to the United States Military Academy, describing the personal rationale and skills background for admission…
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The Reasons to Serve on Active Duty as an Army Officer: United States Military Academy
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Extract of sample "The Reasons to Serve on Active Duty as an Army Officer: United States Military Academy"

Download file to see previous pages I believe that was the time when the Army settled in my unconscious as my career. I remember spending hours playing the soldier, fighting for my country and its glory. I grew up reading, watching and listening about the US Army and its achievements. Army movies have always fascinated me. I enjoyed learning about Army tactics and strategies as portrayed in media. It’s not that I’m a born fighter; I am not. I am a peace loving person and I don’t like war. But, as Thomas Jefferson once said: ‘From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots’. It is liberty that I believe in, and for that, I’d love to fight whenever needed and be the patriot for this great nation. In addition to inspiration from the Army, I also draw inspiration from my country. This is a great nation and the whole world looks up to it. I’m a proud citizen of the USA and I wish to express my gratitude to this great country by serving its citizens and protecting its land. I believe that the Army has multiple tasks. They are not just the defenders of a nation; soldiers are servants of the people of that nation. American soldiers are warriors and defenders; they are there to serve the people of the USA. West Point’s Military Academy is a renowned name in preparing graduates who have an extreme sense of duty and honor for their country. In addition, graduates are also well disciplined. I have always been inspired by the discipline of cadets. I believe that’s the way life should be: organized and well planned; for discipline makes man superior to other creatures. Personally, I’m a disciplined person; I like to organize my life whenever I can. I believe that discipline is the key to achievement. If one goes well planned and disciplined, there’s nothing that cannot be achieved. In addition, I am persistent by nature. When I start something, I rarely give it up or quit on it and I like challenging tasks like problem-solving in limited time. Once I do get the chance to attend the US military academy, I’d definitely want to work as an active duty army officer. I’d prefer active duty since I want to devote my whole life to the US Army, I long to be a part of it. I’m also inspired by military life. Reporting daily, being posted at a base camp; where I can learn about Army life and its challenges. Going to the USMA will also be good for my health. Undergoing physical training and extensive exercise daily will make me physically strong and daily drills will develop more discipline within me. Above all, I want to join the USMA so that I can become a part of the US Army; this will be my self-actualization. Being in the US Army is my lifelong dream and I cannot derive a greater sense of achievement than knowing that I am a part of the Army of this great nation, its citizens trust me and respect me; and that my life is the disposal of their security, the security of the citizens of my country. 2. What are the most important qualities in becoming a successful USMA cadet and a successful Army officer? I believe that discipline is the basic and foremost quality needed to become a successful USMA cadet. At USMA, the academy and its dignified staff strive to groom young pupils into responsible and mature cadets; for this process to be accomplished, I believe the pupils required to display the best discipline. Disciplinary education is unique to military academies; USMA is no exception. Discipline is actually the component of a cadet’s life that I appreciate the most. I have read about army men and their disciplined lives and I’ve always believed and still do; that all successful cadets are most disciplined. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Admission essay for United States Military Academy. The reasons to serve on active duty as an Army officer." is quite often seen among the assignments in college. Still, this paper opens a brand new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the manner for my own example.

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