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Prostate Cancer in the United States of America - Research Paper Example

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The document describes how to provide a comprehensive description of the burden of prostate cancer in the United States of America. The cancer of the prostate gland is one of the major leading causes of death of men, especially of advanced age…
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Prostate Cancer in the United States of America
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Extract of sample "Prostate Cancer in the United States of America"

Download file to see previous pages Prostate glands, an integral part of the male reproductive system is a walnut-sized gland located in between the penis and the rectum, under the urinary bladder. Cancer of the prostate glands involves a multifocal primary tumor of varying intensities. The primary tumors originate from the epithelial cells of the prostate and produce a range of prostate cancer associated antigens such as prostatic acid phosphatase, human kallikrein 2, prostate stem cell antigen and prostate specific membrane antigen along beside the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) or human kallikrein 3. These tumors respond to androgen and their growth is at least partially regulated by it; though in advanced stages they cease to remain androgen-dependent and enter the scattered disease state. Lymph nodes and skeleton at this stage exhibit metastases with bones being exceptionally vulnerable to prostate cancer. Moreover, unlike most other tumors, metastases in bone disturb the normal bone remodeling causing an osteoblastic response distinctive of prostate cancer. Immense pain and morbidity in the prostate are attributed to this osteoblastic response (Corey & vessel, 2007). Prostate cancer has been reported to be the second leading cause of death of men in the west and the second most common form of cancer in men (Quinn & Babb, 2002). The incidences, mortality, and prevalence of the disease exhibit striking correlation with race, diet and lifestyle patterns. Further significant geographical variations are also observed in the occurrence of the disease. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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..., with Asian Americans and Pacific Islander having the lowest mortality rate. References American Cancer Society. (2010). What Is Prostate Cancer? American Cancer Society. Information and Resources for Cancer: Breast, Colon, Prostate, Lung and Other Forms. Web. 15 June 2010. Retrieved 30 April 2011 Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2007). Prostate Cancer Rates by Race and Ethnicity. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved 30 April 2011 President’s Cancer Panel. (2010). America’s Demographic and Cultural Transformation: Implications for Cancer. President’s Cancer Panel, 2009 – 2010 Annual Report. Romer, A. S. & Parsons, T. S. (1977). The Vertebrate Body. Philadelphia, PA: Holt-Saunders International. p. 395...
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... back in 1986 and then went up to 237 cases per 100,000 in 1992 due to better detection methods (ibid.) but then declined by an amazing 29% because of early treatment. In the United States, the rate is about 186,000 cases detected annually with around 28,600 deaths. It is very common in the US and even more common in Europe. Among American males, it is least common among Asians and most common in African-Americans with the whites in between these statistics. Risk Factors – age is the strongest risk factor for this type of cancer. It is quite rare for a male person to have it before 40 years old while it increases quickly after age 50; it is present in 2 out of 3 prostate cancer patients who are over age 65 (, 2011, p. 1). Other...
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Men of ages more than 60 and whose father or brothers already have the cancers are at more risk of developing prostate cancer. Certain other causes of prostate cancer include men being around agent orange, men using too much alcohol, men who are farmers by profession, men who eat a high fat diet and animal fat, men who are associated with tire plane works, men being painters, and for those who remain around too much of cadmium (Prostate Cancer). Clinical Manifestations: In persons affected with prostate cancer, there is a local growth of the tumour in the gland which gradually spreads to different lymph nodes in the region through lymphatics. There is also a hematogenous propagation to isolated metastatic sites. Some patients in...
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Significantly, the prostate incorporates gland cells that produce some of the seminal fluid and this fluid protects and nourishes sperm cells in semen and supports the ejaculatory ducts or sperm tubes. The growth of the prostate normally continues till man reaches adulthood and it is maintained after it reaches normal size as long as male hormones are produced."Prostate cancer begins most often in the outer part of the prostate. It is the most common cancer in men older than age 50. In most men, cancer grows very slowly. In fact, many men with the disease will never know they have the condition. Early prostate cancer is confined to the prostate gland itself, and the majority of patients with this type of cancer can live for years...
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...Diagnosing Pro Cancer: An Annotated Bibliography College Diagnosing Pro Cancer: An Annotated Bibliography Andriole, G., Djavan, B., Fleshner, N., & Schröder, F. (2006). The Case for Prostate Cancer Screening with Prostate-Specific Antigen. European Urology Supplements, 5(12), 737 – 45. The article reviews the role of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in detection of prostate cancer and questions its role in mass screening of general population. The authors look into the clinical status of reduction in current threshold of PSA from 4.0 ng/ml to 3.0 ng/ml for further screening, but caution an over-diagnosis and over-treatment. PSA may or may not be the valid marker for prostate cancer in the second screening, but the authors call...
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On the other hand, it was considered as the sixth leading source of male cancer deaths (ABLIN & PIANA, 2014).
Despite the current findings and publications from several randomized trials, there are still a lot of discussions concerning the merits and dangers. There is still no clear consensus on the most appropriate utilization of PSA testing amongst men with little or no history pertaining to prostate cancer. All positional guidelines and statements are based on related body of pieces of evidence, although some of them seem to be more comprehensive than others, but interpretation of the evidence and implications and the interpretation of evidence for practice differ, thus leading to some sort of confusion amongst the do...
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