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Rotator Cuff Repair: Surgery Feelings and Actions - Research Paper Example

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This report "Rotator Cuff Repair: Surgery Feelings and Actions" will describe a brief observation of a patient presenting to the emergency room with an injured right shoulder. The writer of will describe personal findings regarding the case and discuss actions to be considered…
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Rotator Cuff Repair: Surgery Feelings and Actions
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Extract of sample "Rotator Cuff Repair: Surgery Feelings and Actions"

Download file to see previous pages My curiosity and the questions I raised led me to find more about the situation that the man brought to the hospital. Indeed I was aware that rotator cuff tear was not a very uncommon issue in adults as “In 2008, close to 2 million people in the United States went to their doctors because of a rotator cuff problem” (Ortho info, 2011). My research, however, made me discover that the situation experienced by the man was quite out of place as he had recently undergone surgery for the same problem. Rotator cuff tear is associated with so much pain because when the rotator cuff tendons are injured or damaged, the bursa in the shoulder area can also become inflamed and painful (Ortho Info, 2011). Though two major forms of tears may occur, which are a partial and full-thickness tear, common causative factors associated with the two forms are injury and degenerative tear. The injuries normally result from fall or lifting heavy items in jerky motion. Degenerative tear is however associated with aging though factors such as repetitive stress, lack of blood supply and bone spurs have been found by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons to promotes degeneration.
My feeling towards the action can be described as frustrating and curious. My frustration was purposely due to one reason – I was wondering if I had done anything wrong when the man was under my watch at the time during the first surgery. I was more or less blackmailing my own self. It was not until I came to discover the causes and factors leading to the problem that I came to realize that my guilty consciousness was not justified. With specific reference to this man, a degenerative tear was diagnosed to be his major cause.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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