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How Do Studies of Females Exposed to High Testosterone - Literature review Example

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This paper tells that studies of females exposed to high testosterone levels prenatally contribute to our comprehension of sex disparities in conduct and cognition through revealing how prenatal hormones could be the principal determinant of adult sexual direction…
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How Do Studies of Females Exposed to High Testosterone
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Extract of sample "How Do Studies of Females Exposed to High Testosterone"

Download file to see previous pages The findings support the theory of the effect of prenatal testosterone on the performance of mental rotation. Jadva et al. (2010) found the same orientations being influenced by the prenatal hormones because infants preferred toys, and colors differently. This reveals that prenatal testosterone levels influence how well we understand sex differences. According to Jadva et al. (2010), the differences in preferences for toys and dolls are because of exposure to androgens.
Mathews et al. (2009) after exposing subjects to abnormal androgen levels prenatally because of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) found that males with the hyperplasia had decreased physical aggression. Both hyperplasia females and males displayed variation in three of the four constructs evaluated including personality factor inventory, dominance, Reinish aggression, and Mebon’s questionnaire. The exposure to prenatal androgens may change some, although not all, personality traits in male-typical orientation in females (Mathews et al., 2009). The exposure may reduce certain features of male-typical personality growth in males, but personality disparities in males with hyperplasia may associate with illness (Mathews et al., 2009). After examining children for their play preferences with CAH together with an unaffected control Pasterski et al. (2011) found that the two groups showed preferences for the same-sex playmates as well as sex-typical play styles. Boys mostly chose their playmates depending on the kind of play rather than the gender of the playmate both for the affected and healthy. On the other hand, girls chose playmates based on gender as well as the style of the play when picking a playmate for the healthy ones. Affected girls displayed a similar pattern to the boys. They made masculine decisions than the affected girls, such as choosing the boy’s playing styles. Pasterski et al. (2011) results propose that exposure to prenatal androgen contribute to sex disparities in the selection of playmate as seen in typically growing children as well as preferences in play style coerce sex segregation in play amid boys and girls under the influence of high prenatal androgens levels.
According to Hines (2010), male as well as female fetuses vary in concentrations of testosterone starting as early as the eighth gestation week. The early hormone disparities put forth permanent effects on the behavior and development of the brain. Hines (2010) claims that modern study, such as Dewar (2010) reveals that hormones are specifically significant in the growth of sex-typical childhood conduct, encompassing toy preferences. According to Hines (2010), exposure to prenatal testosterone may affect sexual direction as well as gender identity. Sometimes, the exposure to the prenatal testosterone affects the characteristics that relate sex to cognitive, moral as well as personality. Slutske et al. (2011) after examining the proof for exposure to prenatal androgens in contrast with sibling imitation as a likely cause of disparities in sensational levels (these are personality levels explaining the tendency toward different, new and intense sensations e.g. levels of engaging in a particular behavior) found that the exposure could serve a great purpose in the sex disparities in the personality characteristics. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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