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Revenge And Family - Movie Review Example

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The following review highlights that The Man From Laramie and My Darling Clementine seem to offer quite similar narratives. Indeed, both films tell the stories of outsiders who have come to a region in the American West and are seeking revenge for brothers that were killed. …
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Revenge And Family
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Download file to see previous pages The problems in the town of Coronado in The Man From Laramie are not shown to be particularly representative of the struggles of the American West, as they are in My Darling Clementine, but are both more localized and more universal. They are caused by the greed and violence of the dominant local land baron, as well as the corruption and competition within his family.
Both of the main characters in the two films, Wyatt Earp in My Darling Clementine and Will Lockhart in The Man From Laramie, are well aware of the dangers of living on the frontier. Both of them have adopted a rough edge in order to survive. In My Darling Clementine, Ford shows the hardened nature of Wyatt and the other older Earp brother by emphasizing the youth of James, the youngest Earp. James is clean-shaven, unlike the three older Earps, and the actor cast to play him, Don Garner, has a higher-pitched, almost juvenile sounding voice, at least when he speaks his final words, saying good-bye to his brothers before he is killed.
In The Man From Laramie, director Anthony Mann makes it clear from the first scene of the film that Lockhart is driven by the great internal anger he feels over the ambush of his brother. Mann keeps the camera on Lockhart for a long time when he comes across a cavalry hat, apparently from the Apache ambush which has brought him to Coronado seeking revenge. Mann continues to keep the camera on Lockhart to show the anguish on his face as he puts the hat back down with great delicacy and respect.
Mann also emphasizes the isolation of Lockhart in his quest for revenge in the unfriendly setting of Coronado. After both violent encounters with Dave Waggoman, the camera stays on him for an extended period to show him riding off by himself. After the first attack, when his mules are killed and his wagons burned, he is shown coming back into Coronado in the dark on a mule, with no one else in sight. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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