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Ethics and Corporate Governance in Al Hilal Bank - Term Paper Example

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This paper focuses on the vital importance of corporate governance to maintain the trust of customers and attract investors, and as a result, for economic growth. Among those who effectively responded to all problems of corporate governance, the author calls Al Hilal Bank…
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Ethics and Corporate Governance in Al Hilal Bank
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Extract of sample "Ethics and Corporate Governance in Al Hilal Bank"

Download file to see previous pages Responsibilities of the board should not be taken lightly. The overall responsibility of a bank is with the board including approving the banking strategies, risk strategies, corporate governance, and corporate values. All the financial soundness of the bank is on the board. The board should check the whole strategy of the bank taking into account all the risk and effective planning to reduce the risks and its capacity to cope with risks efficiently.
The board must take into account and must know the legitimate interest of shareholders, stockholders, depositors, and their relevant customers. Also, the effective relationship with the supervisor should also be maintained properly. Board of directors should practice their duties of conduct and duties of loyalty followed by keeping up with a change in the bank’s business and external environment.
A responsible behavior proves to be an essential foundation in good governance. So the board should carry its responsibilities effectively maintaining professional standards that ensure integrity for management and other employees.
Low-key employees and other workers should be allowed to communicate about illegal and unethical practices as such practices can negatively impact on bank’s reputation and profile. Important steps should be taken to communicate throughout the bank and professional standers to without any danger report concerns or violation of any particular body.
By applicable laws and regulations the board can elect and if necessary can replace the senior management if it sees that they are not performing their required task properly. The senior management actions and activities should be monitored consistently to check whether they are working in their frame. The meeting with senior management should be held regularly. A board should demand critical explanations and ask questions if found necessary related to their assigned tasks.
It should make sure that senior management performance should be consistent with the long-term objective, banking strategies and financial soundness of a bank. Senior management expertise and knowledge should be appropriate given the nature of the bank and its profile. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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