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Organizational Behavior Weekly Articles from wither Newspaper, Internet, TV (Starting Oct. 3-Dec. 5, *10 Weeks, 10 Articles) - Coursework Example

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The article interested me mainly because it focuses on the key aspect of customer satisfaction, which is a relevant topic any anytime…
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Organizational Behavior Weekly Articles from wither Newspaper, Internet, TV (Starting Oct. 3-Dec. 5, *10 Weeks, 10 Articles)
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Extract of sample "Organizational Behavior Weekly Articles from wither Newspaper, Internet, TV (Starting Oct. 3-Dec. 5, *10 Weeks, 10 Articles)"

Download file to see previous pages “In other words, poor organizational behaviour is pushing clients out the door.” (Mayhew, 2011). To correct this situation, the author recommends organizations to conduct surveys of both the exiting and old clients, and based on the results, train the employees accordingly.
This article discusses how information given during the decision making process, will make the decision maker more confident, but not more accurate. This article interested me because it focuses on how the key aspects of confidence and information could play a major role in the decision making processes in an organization. Importantly, the article also provides insights about how decision makers behave, when they confidence and information.
The author discusses a study covering experts in college football and how they are able to “predict the outcomes of a number of games” based on the quantity as well as quality of information they have. (Markman, 2011). From this study, the authors opine, if the decision maker gets more information, they will pick the information that will be consistent with the decision, they have somewhat formalized already. More information will make the decision maker validate his/her decisions, instead of helping in getting accurate decisions.
This article featured in Chicago Tribune points out how the employees could take their workplace incivility and stress to their homes, affecting their family life including its members. The article gained my interest because it focuses on unexplored connections between workplace and home, that too in the current tough economic times.
The article spells out the findings of the Baylor University study, which states that if the employees takes their stress and incivility to their homes, it will affect their partners, who “in turn will takes the stress to his/her workplace.” (Newswise, 2011). The ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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