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Research Needed towards the Management Theory to Complement the Existing Organizational Theory - Literature review Example

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The paper "Research Needed towards the Management Theory to Complement the Existing Organizational Theory" raises the issue of lack of relevance of management research, which is becoming increasingly oriented toward rigor in research design and subjects, thereby producing knowledge that is not relevant to management practitioners.
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Extract of sample "Research Needed towards the Management Theory to Complement the Existing Organizational Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Bennis and Toole (2005) contend that business schools are too focused on scientific research and as a result, are hiring professors who do not have sufficient experience in real-world situations. As a result, the students graduating out of MBA schools are ill-equipped to deal with the complex problems that they encounter in the real world. These schools have applied a scientific model to business studies and treat it as an academic discipline rather than facing the realization that business calls upon the work of many academic disciplines. The authors point out that top faculty members have few responsibilities other than attending to their disciplines and turning out generations of scholars.

They contend that business schools have adopted this approach largely due to the proclivities of professors to provide scientific respectability to the research that they enjoy doing. However, while scientific research may require significant skills in statistics and experimental design, they do not allow students to exercise insight into social and human factors which may comprise the actual problems that managers in the workplace have to deal with.

Bennis and Toole question the relevance of the research methods that business school professors use, by testing a hypothesis on data, using regression analysis. Simulations are carried out to see how people might behave in a laboratory situation. However, as these authors have pointed out, the kinds of problems and questions facing managers in real-life situations are so complex, broad and multi-faceted that they do not easily lend themselves to scientific experimentation or validation.

Secondly, professor evaluations of business research methods are based upon the number of articles they publish in scientific journals, whose outreach is restricted to the academic community, rather than to practitioners. Strategic decisions within organizations cannot be based purely on quantitative factors, but the most important elements such as human factors and matters relating to judgment, ethics, and morality cannot be measured. It is, however, these elements make the difference between good business decisions and bad ones. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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