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Research Methods Quantitative - Assignment Example

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Overarching Research Question: In health related quality of life worse and low in a community or population which is chronically exposed to the noise coming from aircrafts than in the community which is not exposed?
4. Specific Research Question: Does the noise coming from…
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Research Methods Quantitative
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Download file to see previous pages The methods will be designed to measure the connotative meaning of the impact of the air crafts noise on the wellbeing and health of the participants based on their attitudes towards aircraft noise. The respondents will be asked to choose where their position lies in regards to the annoyance caused by the aircraft noise. After taking their position, they will then be requested to rate their overall annoyance levels on the basis of an opinions scale between 0-10. In the opinion scaled used, zero will denote no annoyance at all while ten will show completely annoyed (Heise, 2010).
9. Data analysis: The researcher will use spreadsheets for the purpose of tabulating the results and coming up with the appropriate graphs which will be key analyzing the responses obtained from the sample population in the study.
10. Consent: The study will target communities which are exposed to aircraft noise by virtue of living or working near the source of the noise. Each respondent will be given a brief summary about the study and the reason why it is being done. The consent of the respondents will be sought by asking them if they can take part in the study to help obtain the data needed. The reasons why it will be imperative to do so is to ensure that the participants take part out of their own will so that the responses which they give are more valid and helpful to the achievement of the objectives of the research (Heise, 2010).
The overall purpose of the research has changed from the environment impact of aviation to a more focused study on how the aircraft noise affects the health and wellbeing of the communities which are exposed to the noise. The questions to be used are therefore closed-ended to ensure that focused responses are obtained. It is however worth pointing out that the survey used in the quantitative research does not allow for the comprehensive conveyance of the opinion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Methods Quantitative Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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