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Complex Project Management of Effective Project Management - Assignment Example

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As a result, project management models may not work and thus, adjustments should be made. In projects whose objectives are clearly defined but lack…
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Complex Project Management of Effective Project Management
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Extract of sample "Complex Project Management of Effective Project Management"

Download file to see previous pages The second main step of approaching complex projects is deeper and involves those projects whose main goal cannot be clearly defined, mainly referred to as the extreme projects. Such a goal is desired although it may not be possible to attain it. As a result of the increasing dynamic conditions in the contemporary project management, it is important for project management and stakeholders to make good choices of the best fit between problem-solution models and the final achievements of the project goals and objectives.
Contemporary projects are becoming more uncertain, and with such increasing uncertainty come increased risk and complexity. Such uncertainty is due to changing market conditions that lead to high-change and high-speed responses in order to produce solutions that lead to more competitive advantage. On the other hand, complexity occurs due to a solution that eludes detection and thus, challenging to find, which may impose difficulties to the project manager to develop appropriate responses (Wysocki, 2014). The aspects of uncertainty and complexity are directly and positively correlated and thus, risk increases with increasing uncertainty and complexity. It is in this regard that as projects turn out to be more complex, they are dominated by higher levels of uncertainty. Such increase in project complexity leads to changes in different aspects of the project.
Project requirements are a major factor to change due to increasing complexity. As complexity increases in a project, the chance of coming up with the complete definition of its requirements diminishes. At other fundamental levels, the project scope may become complex at later stages, which may raise the need for more requirements. In addition, as the complexity of the project increases, the need for flexibility in the main processes involved also increases. It is through increasing complexity that the need for project stakeholders ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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