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Analyse and discuss the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, of group decision making. What aspects should be avoided in multi departmental decision making in order for them to be effective - Assignment Example

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Keller & Price (2011) pointed out that an organisation that have to develop and maintain competitive advantage has to devise mechanisms of involving every employee into the decision making process. A study conducted by Freeman (1999) in an investigation of the importance of…
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Analyse and discuss the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, of group decision making. What aspects should be avoided in multi departmental decision making in order for them to be effective
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Extract of sample "Analyse and discuss the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, of group decision making. What aspects should be avoided in multi departmental decision making in order for them to be effective"

Download file to see previous pages the success of any organisations are denoted by the strategic decisions made through initiatives such as group decision making and other strategic positioning plans. Nevertheless, specific aspects of decisions should be avoided in order to make departments effective. Stone (2013) articulated on core aspects that touches on sensitive matters and which should be avoided for effective running of organisations. In fact, Freeman (1999) further argued that group decision making can only yield good results if a set of conditions pertaining the group chemistry are met.
It is evident that group members have different skills and competence. Thus, sharing of ideas and information on a particular issue can lead to more information and more comprehensive. The ground for the argument is many alternatives are provided and the most appropriate one is chosen from the list. This is unlike in situations where one individual is left to make decisions that affect a whole company or department. Chances of getting the best outcome are minimal when compared to individual decision making. In addition, the whole process becomes effective since issues related to revising the decisions made are minimal especially because the whole group is present or representatives are present during decision making. Thus, group decisions are acceptable by all since everybody is represented during the process.
DuBrin (2012) conversely observed that, with group decision making, biases are eliminated especially those that come in as a result of lack of inclusion of the target individuals. In a broader sense, group decision making acts a training ground for subordinate and new members. They learn skills of articulating on matters as well as the importance of collaborative workforce. Further, group decision making is viewed as a democratic style of leadership, which is inclusive and accommodates views from all the parties and consolidate them before arriving into a single decision that suits everybody.
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