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HW 6 - Assignment Example

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The problem was that the organization needed to train the employees using the most productive and the most effective method available. The decision criteria incorporated factors such as…
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HW 6
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Extract of sample "HW 6"

HW 6 – Decision Making Process This decision making process was used to resolve a problem related to the human resources.The problem was that the organization needed to train the employees using the most productive and the most effective method available. The decision criteria incorporated factors such as the time required, the convenience, and the cost of the training procedure. With regard to weighing the criteria, the organization prioritized cost, then time and lastly convenience. With respect to the available alternatives, the organization had to choose from two main methods of training that include on-the -job training and off-the-job training. Off-the-job training involves employees being trained at an institution that is independent from the organization that they are working with and requires more costs due to more travelling and tuition. On the other hand, on-the-job training is done within the organization implying that it does not require travelling costs or tuition fees. Weighting the aspects incorporated in each method, the best method is on-the-job training because it would not only bring convenience and eliminate additional costs but also encourage mentorship and coaching as employees learn when working. In addition, time is not wasted. In the implementation step, the organization arranged on when to begin the training and the time to be devoted to the training after which the employees began their training. The effectiveness of the decision was weighted by assessing the performance of the employees after the training and comparing it with their pre-training performance. For this particular organization, the outcomes were as anticipated because the employees improved their performance significantly. Read More
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HW 6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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