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Fishikawa Diagrams - Assignment Example

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Pollution of the environment was an additional result of the company having excessive scrap metals around the compound besides making the working environment an…
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Fishikawa Diagrams
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Extract of sample "Fishikawa Diagrams"

Fishikawa Diagrams The Problem The problem experienced in the company was excessive scrap that in many ways increased environmental pollution. Pollution of the environment was an additional result of the company having excessive scrap metals around the compound besides making the working environment an accident-risk zone.
The management developed a cross-functional group of staffs to comprehend the likely reasons. The team proceeded to enlist every possible cause in various categories. After highlighting the likely causes, the team narrowed down to three causes with major implications and delved into the insightful root reasons. Being a manufacturing company running business in the manufacturing industry, the company identified five elements of the cause and effect diagram. Each major component of the Fishikawa diagram had various other root causes enumerated below. First, the team identified materials. In this category, we had the shrinking of materials, poor tensioning of the screens, and applying poor squeeging. The environment comes in as the second of the components on the list. Having ambient heat lets the drier temperatures getting out of control as well as failed organization becoming difficult to spot among the products. The method of executing various processes in the company also entailed issues. The team discovered that the current problem was very clear and everyone knew it is big.
The company lacked standard process of addressing any issue because the procedure remained vague with scanty details. Among the known problems, the trying temperatures remained all-time high and excessive pressure coming from the squeeze. Lack of standard process constitutes inadequate details on the procedure, too much concentration on inspection raising questions on its fitness, and having machines in the production sector running at a high speed. Deficiencies emanating from the work force include failing to empower the employees to own the production and the business through motivation, allocation of authority, and other ways of increasing commitment. Additional problems from people are questions of resources, increased tension among staffs to deal with all assigned duties, and insufficient appropriate skills. The last element among major causes is machines. Every major constituent of the cause and effect diagram had various other root causes enumerated below.
First, the team identified materials. In this category, we had the shrinking of materials, poor tensioning of the screens, and applying poor squeeging. The temperatures from the driers remain high, the print centre moves out of recommended standards, and failure to regulate drier temperatures. In the end, the company experienced thirty percent scrap on T150 print because of the failure in registration. Factors considered by the team that drafted and analysed the details included identification of the people charged with particular responsibilities in the company. The team highlighted the value of this action because it keeps the team focused on duties. It becomes necessary for every employee to remain accountable to all they do. It is only possible if the company motivates employee adequately. Proper motivation increases employee-commitment levels and in the process makes the employees place the company priorities before their own needs. Carrying out regular reviews of all actions to gauge the development of the project or production process remains at the centre of the entire process of production (Avery, 2011). The process clears any issues that require clearance as the needs assessment continues. The whole case keeps everything on top. Follow-ups make the whole information clear and precise.

Avery, M. (2011). A handbook for consensus decision making: Building united judgement. Cambridge, MA: Centre for Conflict Resolution. Read More
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Fishikawa Diagrams Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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