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Warehouse Operations - Term Paper Example

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Setting up a warehouse in a foreign location is a business activity that requires careful analysis of the foreign country and mapping of the organizational requirements with the investment climate in the country. This would ensure analyzing the feasibility and viability of the…
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Warehouse Operations
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Extract of sample "Warehouse Operations"

Download file to see previous pages The volume of goods to be transported and stored, the required mode of through put, the validity of the location as a transit point, the availability of area, the location for breaking bulk are some aspects that should be considered before setting up the warehouse. The selection of the location for the warehouse should be followed by the planning and designing of the warehouse on terms of space and design. The consideration of space layout , convenient storage space for different types of items, storage requirements, duration of inventorying, security of the goods, parking facilities for the transportation vehicles like fleets of trucks etc. should be done in the warehousing planning and designing process (Gunasekarana, Patel and McGaugheyc, 2004). The availability of handling equipment, loading trucks, access to labor resources and condition of the site are to be considered in the design of the warehouse as well.
Workforce management is critical in the establishment and continuity of operations in a warehouse. A motivated, optimistic, well trained, skilled and enthusiastic workforce in then supply chain is indispensable for achieving competitive and strategic advantage for a logistics and supply chain business like Strategic Warehouse Management Inc. (SWM). A warehousing organization is a part of the macro supply chain and logistics management of companies functioning at a global scale. This involves the storage and movement of huge volumes of products. The products are not capable of moving by themselves. It takes a well-trained and efficient employee base in the organization so that the competitive logistics and warehousing operations are carried out in an efficient manner. The employees in the warehouse should be trained properly and specific steps should be taken by the organization to ensure that each of the employees understand his job well and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Warehouse Operations Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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